Activities: Cooking in a New Kitchen

Since we moved into the new house, I’ve been trying to make things more accessible for the boys – well, more so for Aristotle so that he can be self-sufficient. I have their plates, bowls and cups located on a low shelf so he can get them himself. His snacks are also in a lowContinue reading “Activities: Cooking in a New Kitchen”

Life Skills: Accepting Unwanted Gifts Graciously

Okay, so I’ve been feeling a little down in the dumps regarding Aristotle and his less than stellar behavioural reports from school. As always, whenever the kids misbehave, everyone looks at Mum – especially when you’re the SAHM who’s looking after the kids full time. Who else could possibly be responsible for their attrocious mannersContinue reading “Life Skills: Accepting Unwanted Gifts Graciously”

Character Building: The Value of Persistence – Part 2

How apt that I should watch Soul Surfer right after writing about the value of persistence… If you haven’t seen the movie and you don’t know what it is about, here’s the preview: httpv:// It’s based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton who dreamed of becoming a professional surfer when her arm is takenContinue reading “Character Building: The Value of Persistence – Part 2”

Book Overview: Teach Your Child How to Think – Edward de Bono

Teach Your Child How to Think is another one of those books I picked up on a whim at the bookshop and ended up buying on the spur of the moment. It almost seems as though all my book purchases are made that way these days since I have half an eye on my toddlerContinue reading “Book Overview: Teach Your Child How to Think – Edward de Bono”

Life Skills: The Benefit of Perspective Taking

In the book Mind in the Making, Ellen Galinsky shares seven important life skills that children need to be taught: Focus and Self Control Perspective Taking Communicating Making Connections Critical Thinking Taking on Challenges Self-Directed, Engaged Learning There is a common misconception that life skills are picked up by children as they go through life.Continue reading “Life Skills: The Benefit of Perspective Taking”

Extra-Curricular Activities: Young Chef’s Academy

Our second trial activity was a cooking class at Young Chef’s Academy (the first was a gymnastics class at Fly Kidz). Since Gavin loves cooking, I figured this would be a hit for him and it was – sort of. Here are the details… Young Chef’s Academy is an American franchise. They offer cooking classesContinue reading “Extra-Curricular Activities: Young Chef’s Academy”

Recommended Reading List for Life Lessons: The Berenstain Bears

I was looking for some new books for Gavin when I stumbled across the Berenstain Bears series by Stan and Jan Berenstain which I thought looked pretty good. Since I haven’t actually read them, I can’t really say if they really are good, but I have two books on order – Berenstain Bears visit theContinue reading “Recommended Reading List for Life Lessons: The Berenstain Bears”

Computer Games that Help to Develop Focus

In a previous post, I wrote about activities that you can do with your children to help improve their focus (and self-control) – one of the 7 important life skills that we need to be successful in life as highlighted in Mind in the Making. One of the activities recommended was playing computer games thatContinue reading “Computer Games that Help to Develop Focus”

Activities to Help Children Improve their Focus and Self-Control

According to Ellen Galinsky in Mind in the Making, children need focus and self-control to help them achieve their goals. Unfortunately, focus and self-control isn’t something they naturally develop as they grow up, it is something they need to practice in order to get good at it.¬† The following are some activities recommended by GalinskyContinue reading “Activities to Help Children Improve their Focus and Self-Control”

Mind in the Making – Developing Focus and Self-Control

In her book, Mind in the Making, Ellen Galinsky offers¬† a lot of practical advice to parents on how to help their children develop the 7 essential life skills. In a recent post, we talked about making daily plans to help our children develop focus. Another way to help children develop focus and self-control isContinue reading “Mind in the Making – Developing Focus and Self-Control”

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