Early Childhood Development – What Neuroscience Says About Parenting, Care and Learning – Part 1

Babylicious by Figur8 began as an early child development blog with topics and articles following the growth and development of my children. Although my children are exiting early childhood, I still receive queries from new parents about early child development so this is an overview of touching on many of the topics I have covered previously, including a summary fromContinue reading “Early Childhood Development – What Neuroscience Says About Parenting, Care and Learning – Part 1”

Parenting: Concerning Addiction and Dealing with it

When we hear the word addiction, we immediately think of drug addiction, but this post is not just about drugs. It’s about everything that we can possibly get addicted to, including our digital devices. If we accept Steven Kotler’s premise that we are all addicts to a degree, then we need to pay attention toContinue reading “Parenting: Concerning Addiction and Dealing with it”

A Lesson in Perspective Taking

In her book Mind in the Making, Ellen Gallinsky highlights the importance of “perspective taking” one of the seven essential life skills that all children need to be taught. I read a story recently that highlighted this important lesson… A Man Pushed His Wife to Save Himself from a Sinking Ship A cruise ship met with an accidentContinue reading “A Lesson in Perspective Taking”

Emotional Intelligence: Children Need Empathy to be Successful

We have always believed that education should not only be about filling a child’s head with information but to develop the whole child – heart, mind and body. The more we pursue this aspiration, the more evident it becomes that everything is interconnected. Empathy, for instance, may seem to be merely a moral skill that is nice forContinue reading “Emotional Intelligence: Children Need Empathy to be Successful”

How to Raise Gritty Kids

Ever since Angela Lee Duckworth’s talk on TED about Grit being the key to success, I’ve been seeing more and more articles on the need to raise gritty kids. While the idea is great, putting it into practice is not quite that simple. Duckworth herself is not entirely certain if grit can be taught, though there are some whoContinue reading “How to Raise Gritty Kids”

Helping Children Develop Tools for Positive Attitudes

This is part of our series of articles on how to raise happy, confident and successful children… What else can we do to help our children develop positive attitudes for life? We can teach them tools that will help them recognise that they are in control of how they feel. Using Physiology to Change HowContinue reading “Helping Children Develop Tools for Positive Attitudes”

Neuro-Dramatic-Play for Empathy and Anger Management

We have heard about the power of play and how vital it is for our children’s development and we have seen how drama classes can be an extension of that, providing its own benefits toward healthy child development. So when Drama and Play Therapist, Dr Sue Jennings came to our school to talk about Neuro-Dramatic-Play and how it canContinue reading “Neuro-Dramatic-Play for Empathy and Anger Management”

Critical Thinking is Vital in the Age of the Internet

A parent commented to me recently how easy our children have it today. When they’re working on an assignment, all they have to do is search Google for the answers and it’s there. Back in our day, assignments meant hours in the library, searching the catalogues for possible book sources that we then had to lookContinue reading “Critical Thinking is Vital in the Age of the Internet”

Finding the Sweet Spot of Technology in Education

Continuing on from our previous discussion on screen time… if eyesight isn’t the problem with screen time then what is? What do we need to be aware of and how do we navigate the technology labyrinth? Quality vs Quantity “…the more important concern surrounding the screen-time debate isn’t the time; it’s the quality of the content.” GwennContinue reading “Finding the Sweet Spot of Technology in Education”

Dysrationalia: Why Children Need to be Taught Thinking Skills

Some time back, I wrote about Edward de Bono’s book – Teach Your Child How to Think – and why it is important to teach children how to think (please note that teaching a child how to think is not the same as teaching a child what to think). Recently, I stumbled a new concept called Dysrationalia which isContinue reading “Dysrationalia: Why Children Need to be Taught Thinking Skills”

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