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International Sign Language Day: Five Top Tips for Learning Makaton

Friday 23rd September is the International Day of Sign Languages. To celebrate this day, language experts at Preply have shared their top tips on how to learn and understand Makaton. What is Makaton? Makaton is a unique language programme that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate. It supports the development of essentialContinue reading “International Sign Language Day: Five Top Tips for Learning Makaton”

The Truth About the Bilingual Brain

Being able to speak more than one language has always been a great skill to have. But being bilingual can also offer numerous benefits to the brain, making it sharper and healthier. The Brain Benefits of a Bilingual Brain Compared to the monolingual brain, the bilingual brain is better at: paying attention – greater focusContinue reading “The Truth About the Bilingual Brain”

Support Language Learning at Home with These Strategies

Science offers numerous reasons why being multilingual is good for our children: encourages the development of a growth mindset. improves focus. enhances the brain’s information processing ability. increases gray matter in the part of the brain responsible for executive control. strengthens self-control. These reasons aside, there are practical reasons why we should encourage our children toContinue reading “Support Language Learning at Home with These Strategies”

Mandarin Resources for Home Practice

When it comes to learning a second language, nothing beats physical lessons with a real, live teacher. But that doesn’t mean you can use the vast array of digital resources to help you practice and reinforce your learning when you’re away from the classroom. And if you really can’t get to a real teacher, thereContinue reading “Mandarin Resources for Home Practice”

Super Supplements for Home Learning Fun

Here are 6 Super Supplements from Educents to add some educational fun to your day! Architecture eCourse This is an online e-course of Beginning Architecture. Watch, learn,and then build! 25+ architecture online lessons provide the early fundamentals of structures, home design, and zoo design. Kids (and families!) love the self-guided courses! Use things like paper,Continue reading “Super Supplements for Home Learning Fun”

Review: Trinity San Yu (Mandarin Program)

I am generally a proponent of allowing the children to choose what they want to do for their extra-curricular activities, but there is one subject I cannot compromise on – Mandarin. Having grown up all my life being shamed for my lack of Chinese-speaking skills, this is one “sin of the mother” that I cannotContinue reading “Review: Trinity San Yu (Mandarin Program)”

Language Arts with Life of Fred

Life of Fred is a fictional narrative that introduces students to essential concepts in a fun and easy way. Kids really love reading the Fred books. The Language Arts Series covers concepts on spelling, grammar, punctuation and more. This series is best suited for middle school and high school students. The books can be re-readContinue reading “Language Arts with Life of Fred”

The Rosetta Stone for Learning a Second Language

Now that the kids are older, I have been looking for a more complete language program to help them work on a second language. Aside from the fact that being bilingual is really good for the brain, I really want them to be able to speak Chinese because they are Chinese. It is my deepest hope that theyContinue reading “The Rosetta Stone for Learning a Second Language”