Martial Arts: Judo – Rise of the Judoka

ju·do·ka noun Meaning: a person who practices or is an expert in judo. G1 earned a double promotion and won his orange belt for Judo yesterday. It was a proud moment for us (and him, especially). We’ve never considered him to be particularly athletic so this was a pretty major achievement. It has always beenContinue reading “Martial Arts: Judo – Rise of the Judoka”

Escalators are Dangerous or Are We Just Careless?

I think many parents – especially those in this part of the world – would have read about or heard about the mall escalator tragedy that occurred a couple of weeks back when a 7 year old girl plunged to her death. In terms of cybernews, I’m sure it’s ancient history, but I still think about it andContinue reading “Escalators are Dangerous or Are We Just Careless?”

Books: The Skull Alphabet Book

The Skull Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta and illustrated by Ralph Masiello is a pretty cool book we stumbled upon at G1’s school library when I was searching for picture books for G2. Each page shows lovely coloured illustrations of a skulls of animals starting with the letters of the alphabet from A to ZContinue reading “Books: The Skull Alphabet Book”

Disney Literature Classics Collection – Introducing Children to the Classics

When G1 was younger, I tried to follow the Charlotte Mason philosophy for selecting storybooks. It worked well with him because G1 naturally gravitated to books so I always felt it was the way to go until I had G2. With G2, I was just so happy for him to pick up a book thatContinue reading “Disney Literature Classics Collection – Introducing Children to the Classics”

Books: Harry Potter – What Age Should a Child be to Start Reading this Series?

The first thing I ever heard about Harry Potter was how all the kids were crazy about the books and how even the kids who hated reading wanted to read the books. It made me wonder what magic JK Rowling was weaving around her readers to mesmerise them so. To find out, I started readingContinue reading “Books: Harry Potter – What Age Should a Child be to Start Reading this Series?”

Simple Science: Rain Clouds in a Jar

We were inspired by this simple science activity of making clouds in jars so we made our own. This one’s a real winner – it’s really easy to do, no fancy equipment required, and the kids have a real blast with it. What you will need: a transparent jar plain water shaving cream coloured waterContinue reading “Simple Science: Rain Clouds in a Jar”

Simple Science Activity: Dry Ice Smoke Rings and Bubbles

Continuing on from our previous dry ice experiments – this is what you get when your sons have a geeky aunt… Read this! Dry ice safety information: direct skin contact with dry ice causes the same damage as a heat burn – always use protective gloves when handling dry ice keep the room well ventilated because carbonContinue reading “Simple Science Activity: Dry Ice Smoke Rings and Bubbles”

My Spirited Child…

Strong-willed, spirited, challenging, high needs, difficult – apparently, they all refer to the same “group” of children. In their own unique ways, both G1 and G2 are both examples of spirited children at the opposite extremes. The spirited child is truly a challenge to parents, because even parents with older children may find themselves stumpedContinue reading “My Spirited Child…”

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