A Call to End Early Starts in Education

We all know about the damaging effects of losing sleep. Some of us have also acknowledged how devastating it can be on our adolescents who have altered circadian rhythms that affect their ability to fall asleep early enough to accommodate the early school starting times. Yet, despite knowing all this, nothing much is happening on the frontContinue reading “A Call to End Early Starts in Education”

4 Reasons Why Kids Should Choose Physical Play Over Handheld Gadgets

Studies show that 64% of children in the UK play outside less than once a week. This is a worrying trend for parents, especially with childhood obesity steadily increasing. More and more children use handheld devices, such as tablets and mobile phones to access information, play and network with other children. In moderation, these technologies can haveContinue reading “4 Reasons Why Kids Should Choose Physical Play Over Handheld Gadgets”

The Science of Touch: A Hug a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

When I was a new Mum, I was warned not to carry my baby too much or he would get spoiled. “Try not to pick him up immediately when he cries or he will expect to be picked up whenever he makes a sound,” they said. In my ignorance, I heeded that advice – initially –Continue reading “The Science of Touch: A Hug a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”

Babies Gain Long-Term Benefits from Mom’s Prenatal Exercise

When I was pregnant, I was often told to “take it easy”. I was even encouraged to reduce the exercise in case I overexerted myself and harmed the baby. Times are changing and the research is coming in to support otherwise. In fact, it’s more than just good for mother, it’s also good for baby… ExerciseContinue reading “Babies Gain Long-Term Benefits from Mom’s Prenatal Exercise”

Parenting: Concerning Addiction and Dealing with it

When we hear the word addiction, we immediately think of drug addiction, but this post is not just about drugs. It’s about everything that we can possibly get addicted to, including our digital devices. If we accept Steven Kotler’s premise that we are all addicts to a degree, then we need to pay attention toContinue reading “Parenting: Concerning Addiction and Dealing with it”

The Dark Side of Smart Devices

I love technology, I love my smart phone, and I love my computer. In fact, I’m probably more addicted to them than my boys are. And while I love all my smart devices and think they are the best inventions since sliced bread, I do agree that we need to find an optimal balance in the useContinue reading “The Dark Side of Smart Devices”

Why Should You Care Whether I Vaccinate My Child?

Some time back, we talked about the importance of vaccinations and how the benefits outweigh the risks but there was one aspect of vaccinations that we did not cover – herd immunity. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? This is not a question that only affects us and our immediate families because the consequences of ourContinue reading “Why Should You Care Whether I Vaccinate My Child?”

How to Maximise Your Child’s Learning Potential

When I was growing up, there were a lot of things we didn’t know about the brain and how it functioned. In fact, we knew so little about it that we often did a lot of things that negatively impacted our learning. For instance, pulling all-nighters before an exam was a norm, perhaps even expected ifContinue reading “How to Maximise Your Child’s Learning Potential”

Fact or Fiction: Too Much Screen Time Bad for Children’s Eyes

G1’s school has implemented an iPad program and one of the biggest concerns it raises is this: how will the extra screen time affect our children’s eyes? When I was growing up, I used to get warnings about the TV: too much TV is bad for your eyes sitting too close to the TV isContinue reading “Fact or Fiction: Too Much Screen Time Bad for Children’s Eyes”

Children with ASD – Why You Need to Recognise it Early and Get Help

There is a concern among parents that we may be over-diagnosing our children with medical conditions that they do not have. I understand that concern. I, myself, have also raised concerns about the over-diagnosis of ADHD because it seems a convenient diagnosis for normally active children. But as much as we do not want to label our childrenContinue reading “Children with ASD – Why You Need to Recognise it Early and Get Help”

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