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Children Sleep and Mental Health

Ask any parent what they want for their children and it invariably comes back to something along the lines of “health and happiness“. Although the health that often comes to mind usually relates to physical health, we are beginning to understand more about mental health. When we talk about the health of our children, weContinue reading “Children Sleep and Mental Health”

Calming Activities for Kids

Recently, I wrote about a workshop I attended on Helping Children Manage Anxiety. It is a topic close to the hearts of many parents, myself included. The following guest post extrapolates further on the subject providing several calming activities you can try with your children when they’re feeling stressed or anxious. It is written byContinue reading “Calming Activities for Kids”

Communication and Mental Health

The talk at school today was on Communication and Mental Health by Natasha Devon. It was the first time I’ve heard her speak and she is an excellent speaker. I highly recommend hearing her talk if you ever get the chance to. I really wish I’d gone in with a tape recorder because she didn’tContinue reading “Communication and Mental Health”

The Truth About the Bilingual Brain

Being able to speak more than one language has always been a great skill to have. But being bilingual can also offer numerous benefits to the brain, making it sharper and healthier. The Brain Benefits of a Bilingual Brain Compared to the monolingual brain, the bilingual brain is better at: paying attention – greater focusContinue reading “The Truth About the Bilingual Brain”

Physical Fitness and Exercise Increase Cognitive Performance and Brain Health

There is so much evidence supporting the brain benefits of exercise and physical fitness that I am convinced this is our magic pill. I was also convinced that I knew all I needed to know about reaping the benefits from exercise. When a friend passed me a copy John Ratey’s book – Spark: the RevolutionaryContinue reading “Physical Fitness and Exercise Increase Cognitive Performance and Brain Health”

Physical Activity – Get Moving for Lots of Benefits

Yeah, yeah, we know, we know. Physical activity and exercise is good for health and great for your brain. Exercise makes your smarter Physical activity predicts academic achievement Exercise builds brain connectivity Helps with building a better brain It’s the one thing you should do for your brain In fact, a study of 1.2 million people linksContinue reading “Physical Activity – Get Moving for Lots of Benefits”

Activities for Kids that Promote Flourishing

Flourish on Amazon. When we talk about our parenting goals, we often speak about wanting our children to be healthy, to be successful, and to be happy. The scientific term we’re really looking for is “flourish”. What we want for our children is for them to flourish. In one of the workshops we had at school,Continue reading “Activities for Kids that Promote Flourishing”

How Nature Benefits Our Children

Nature benefits are essential for healthy child development and yet more and more children are spending less and less time outdoors. In his book Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv coined the term “Nature Deficit Disorder” in reference to some disturbing childhood trends that have arisen over the years as children spend less and lessContinue reading “How Nature Benefits Our Children”