Science Week Activity: Design and Build a Ping Pong Launcher

It’s Science Week at school and the boys were given an optional science project to work on: make a ping pong launcher. Seizing the opportunity for a bit of father-son bonding, I handed the task over to Dad to guide the boys through their design process and construction of the launcher. Create a Ping Pong Launcher TheContinue reading “Science Week Activity: Design and Build a Ping Pong Launcher”

Fantastic Beasts the LEGO Board Game

We’ve enjoyed Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World so much that it has inspired us to make our own board game version. Since LEGO worked so well for our last board game, we decided to use it as the base for this game. We modelled much of the game after the app, so there areContinue reading “Fantastic Beasts the LEGO Board Game”

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Ever since we heard about the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie, we’ve been on the edge of our seats waiting for opening day. G1 even read the screenplay in his eager anticipation of the movie. DH was of the opinion that G1 would ruin the experience if he knew what was aboutContinue reading “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”

STEM Maker Workshop: Be a Maker

I’ve been trying to sign G1 up for a STEM Maker Workshop for some time now but the timing never seemed to work out for us until now. The goal has always been to extend his experiences beyond school with activities that add to his schooling experience rather than simply replicate them with more ofContinue reading “STEM Maker Workshop: Be a Maker”

Cubetto Lesson Plan – Extension Activities for Cubetto’s First Day

If you’re looking for a Cubetto Lesson Plan, these are a few extension activities to continue from where Cubetto’s First Day left off. Maps, Compasses and Directions Learn more about maps, compasses and directions: Cat in the Hat Learning Library: There’s a Map on My Lap The Cat in the Hat introduces beginning readers toContinue reading “Cubetto Lesson Plan – Extension Activities for Cubetto’s First Day”

Exploring Learning with Cubetto’s First Day

We first heard about Cubetto on Kickstarter. It sounded like a really cool – non-screen coding program so I supported it, thinking it would be a great way for G2 to learn the basic concepts of coding. Cubetto’s First Day Cubetto finally arrived and we got started on Cubetto’s First Day. The kids had toContinue reading “Exploring Learning with Cubetto’s First Day”

Soft Toy Sewing Project – Making a Minecraft Creeper

Sometimes the best projects of all are the ones you didn’t plan… I was working on the boys’ Ranger Apprentice costumes for Book Week and all my art and craft supplies out when G1 spied a packet of stuffing (or batting – whatever you want to call it). He asked me what it was for soContinue reading “Soft Toy Sewing Project – Making a Minecraft Creeper”

Fun Activities: Build a Trebuchet

For their last art class, G1’s art teacher decided to flip the classroom with a Trebuchet project. What’s a trebuchet? Trebuchets were a type of siege engines used during the Middle Ages. It has 3 distinguishing characteristics: Trebuchets are compound machines made by combining simple machines. It uses a mechanical lever to move the throwing armContinue reading “Fun Activities: Build a Trebuchet”

Hour of Code with Kano

It’s Hour of Code 2016 and our Kano Kit has arrived just in time for us to start tinkering… So we’re going to start with these 8 activities recommended by Kano for the Hour of Code: Make Flappy Bird with If you’ve been under a rock and you have never heard of Flappy Bird,Continue reading “Hour of Code with Kano”

Fun and Games: Break Out Tent

Over the weekend, the kids had a fundraising event at their school. It reminded me of the school fetes we used to have back in Australia. Every year, the school runs this event where the whole school is turned into a carnival cum market place. There are lots of stalls with games, bouncy castles, andContinue reading “Fun and Games: Break Out Tent”

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