Old-Fashioned Brain Fun for Kids

Back in the days when I was a kid, we always looked forward to visits from our grandparents. That’s because grandma always brought lots of cool stuff for the kids, like: New clothes – the only clothes I ever got were hand-me-downs but when grandma came, they would be new. Treats – like the lollypopContinue reading “Old-Fashioned Brain Fun for Kids”

Let’s Read a Book Together

No matter what book G1 is currently reading, I find he still enjoys sitting in on my reading sessions with G2… Lately, G2 has developed a fondness a series of books by Melanie Watt – Scaredy Squirrel. Since we don’t have any Scaredy Squirrel books at home, G1 has been obliging his brother by borrowing a newContinue reading “Let’s Read a Book Together”

Abstract Art Fun – Exploring Colours…

Childhood creativity leads to innovation in adulthood… so I decided it was time to dig out our canvases and paints again for a bit of abstract art fun… G2 painted “Mountains at Sunset” – the title was given by me since that’s what it looks like to me. I was out of fresh canvases, soContinue reading “Abstract Art Fun – Exploring Colours…”

Tools of the Mind: Play Plans

Tools of the Mind is a program implemented in some pre-schools and kindergarten that was found to be very effective in helping children develop self-control which we all know is a strong predictor of future success. But that’s not all. Tools of the Mind also improves behaviour – which is really what I’m after forContinue reading “Tools of the Mind: Play Plans”

An Afternoon at the Singapore Explorer’s Playground in Midvalley Megamall

The Singapore Explorer’s Playground in Midvalley Megamall (Ground Level, Main Concourse) is on this weekend so I took the boys to check it out before the mad rush this weekend. It is apparently a showcase from the Singapore Tourism Board to raise parental awareness of the numerous educational programs and activities available in Singapore forContinue reading “An Afternoon at the Singapore Explorer’s Playground in Midvalley Megamall”

Sights and Sounds: Swan Valley – Western Australia

Just 25 minutes away from Perth’s CBD is Swan Valley. There is so much to do there that you could spend a few days just trying to get through it all. The Swan Valley information site offers a few day trip itineraries you can follow: Indulge your senses Cultural discovery trail Swan Valley family funContinue reading “Sights and Sounds: Swan Valley – Western Australia”

Simple Science Activity: Let’s Make Clouds!

For a fun science activity at home, it doesn’t get easier than this… Daddy and the boys “made clouds” with a little bit of dry ice and water. The insert picture is just a microwave oven lid with holes for the vents. Get inspired here – 2 pounds of dry ice + sink full ofContinue reading “Simple Science Activity: Let’s Make Clouds!”

Fun Activities

Busy Boxes Introducing the Busy Box Magnetic Board Activity 16 Montessori Ideas for the Busy Box Projects Night Sky Constellations Lego and Construction Models Art and Craft Going Offline with Your Child’s Favourite Characters Abstract Art Fun – exploration of colours and textures Batik Painting T-Shirt Painting Water Colours Introduction to Finger Paints Mess-Free Art –Continue reading “Fun Activities”

Why Don’t We All Go Fishing?

G2 was at G1’s school when he found some magnetic fishing rods and had a blast with it. After pondering how to bring that activity home without having to go out to buy our own magnetic fishing rods, I came up with this… What you will need: Fishing boat – a large laundry basket FishContinue reading “Why Don’t We All Go Fishing?”

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