Activities to Develop Executive Functions

If you’ve read any of the following books, you’ll know how important executive function is for predicting a child’s future success in school and life: Nurture Shock Brain Rules for Baby Mind in the Making What are Executive Functions? If you haven’t read any of the above books, you might be wondering what are executiveContinue reading “Activities to Develop Executive Functions”

Michael Merzenich on Improving the Brain and Brain Training Programs

If you are as intrigued as I am about Michael Merzenich’s work on re-designing the brain, here are more sources you can check out aside from reading Norman Doidge’s “The Brain That Changes Itself“. Michael Merzenich on Sharpening Perception and Memory, and Increasing Speed of Thought on Google Tech Talks: Michael Merzenich on rewiring theContinue reading “Michael Merzenich on Improving the Brain and Brain Training Programs”

PlayMate, AMIQ and Other IQ Games

If you read my blog posts last year on Logico and Fun Thinkers, you might be interested in these IQ Games from Brainet. PlayMate – which looks a lot like the Logico series: AMIQ – which is similar to Fun Thinkers: Brainet also offers other IQ Games from the range of Smart Games:     Logic games help toContinue reading “PlayMate, AMIQ and Other IQ Games”

Simple Ways to Train Your Brain

The hubby has always knocked me for my poor memory which has apparently gotten worse since I was pregnant with our son.  Unlike what the pregnancy books claimed (that the memory comes back after delivery of the baby), I did not regain the “lost” memory and am still as forgetful as a sieve.  So whenContinue reading “Simple Ways to Train Your Brain”

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