Programs for Children with Cognitive Impairment and Learning Disabilities

I have had several queries about helping children with learning disabilities so I thought I would consolidate everything I have learned here. Please be aware that I am not an expert on learning disabilities nor do I have any experience with children with learning disabilities. I am deeply fascinated by the brain, the depth of its capabilities and itsContinue reading “Programs for Children with Cognitive Impairment and Learning Disabilities”

This Caffeine-Free Alternative will Boost Cognitive Function and Alertness

In a recent post, we explored the negative effects of blue light on sleep, but while those effects may be hazardous for sleep, they can be quite beneficial when we’re awake. Blue Light improves alertness and cognitive function If you’re reliant on your morning cuppa to kick start the old “grey cells”, you may want to reconsiderContinue reading “This Caffeine-Free Alternative will Boost Cognitive Function and Alertness”

Why Your Brain Needs a Break

A long time ago, I wrote about the value of doing nothing. Although it was written for parents about their children, it is equally pertinent for adults to get “down time” as well. Down time is important for a number of reasons, especially when we are learning, being creative, and consolidating our memories. The Brain Needs aContinue reading “Why Your Brain Needs a Break”

What Happens When Your Brain is Sleep Deprived

Optimal brain function requires optimal brain health and optimal brain health requires adequate sleeping hours. In other words, being sleep deprived can lead to serious negative consequences for brain health and function. It’s been said over and over how important it is to get enough sleep: how the lost of one hour of sleep aContinue reading “What Happens When Your Brain is Sleep Deprived”

Brain Scans Show How Learning a Musical Instrument Enhances Our Brains

We know that learning music is good for the brain. Learning a musical instrument is even better. We’ve covered these points many times in previous articles: 18 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn to Play the Piano Why You Should Send Your Child for Music Lessons The Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument Learning a Musical InstrumentContinue reading “Brain Scans Show How Learning a Musical Instrument Enhances Our Brains”

Water Immersion Benefits Brain Function

Water is the essence of life We all know that adequate hydration is vital to our survival. Proper hydration is also necessary for our brains to function optimally because dehydration can affect memory, executive function, attention and other cognitive functions. Brain cells require a delicate balance between water and various elements to operate, and whenContinue reading “Water Immersion Benefits Brain Function”

What’s the Problem with Our Children’s Problem Solving Skills

A report on CNN announced that a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that 15 year olds in Asia are better problem solvers than in the US. Although Malaysia was included in the 44 countries that participated in the study, we did not make it into the top 25 countries forContinue reading “What’s the Problem with Our Children’s Problem Solving Skills”

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