How Rock Climbing Trains Your Child’s Brain

Perhaps I’m biased, but I’ve always felt that rock climbing is an enriching activity. It offers numerous benefits for the mind, the body, and character. Partly for those benefits, and partly because I just want someone in the family to share my passion, I had hoped one of my boys would pick it up. Unfortunately, I canContinue reading “How Rock Climbing Trains Your Child’s Brain”

Getting the Most Out of Your Brain Training

There are many ways to sharpen the brain and keep it finely honed – methods that have consistently proven time again through research to be effective. But let’s face it… in the rapid pace of life that we live in, it can be difficult to fit one or two of these activities in. Given the limited commodityContinue reading “Getting the Most Out of Your Brain Training”

Boosting Memory – Proprioceptive Activities and Exercise

We’ve heard over and over how exercise and physical activity in general is good for our brains overall: If you only do one thing for your brain, it should be this Sports and physical activity boost brain development and academic performance Recently, we learned that specific physical activities can enhance memory even further, especially whenContinue reading “Boosting Memory – Proprioceptive Activities and Exercise”

The Scientific Power of Meditation – How Meditation Benefits Mind and Body

We keep hearing about meditation benefits and how good it is for our minds and bodies. So this is a post to summarise all those wonderful benefits. Meditation benefits your health: lowers blood pressure improves cardiovascular health strengthens the immune system improves concentration reduces stress reduces emotional distress slows aging increases happiness Meditation benefits yourContinue reading “The Scientific Power of Meditation – How Meditation Benefits Mind and Body”

5 Day Fasting Mimicking Diet Improves Cognitive Function

A 5 day diet that rejuvenates memory and learning? Alright, you’ve got my attention… About FMD FMD is a type of diet that mimics fasting (fasting mimicking diet = FMD). In the study, subjects were required to eat around 50% less calories over five days in a month (FMD). For the remaining 25 days of the month, theyContinue reading “5 Day Fasting Mimicking Diet Improves Cognitive Function”

The Profound Effect of Music to Inspire, to Enhance, to Regulate, to Empower

Music is powerful. We have seen how it: alters the brain enhances the brain affects memory benefits overall child development – socially, emotionally and academically it improves child behaviour it enhances executive brain function Even more fundamentally, music has the power to change how you feel – it can empower you, it can calm you, itContinue reading “The Profound Effect of Music to Inspire, to Enhance, to Regulate, to Empower”

Easy Ways to Practice Mindfulness with the Children

We know about the benefits of teaching children about meditation and mindfulness but how do we put that into practice? While the idea is great, the practice sometimes goes a little awry, so here are some terrific tips we found from Kidsstuffworld and HuffingtonPost that we’re borrowing… 1. Mindful Smelling. Collect a few household items for your children to smell,Continue reading “Easy Ways to Practice Mindfulness with the Children”

Bilingualism Resists Distraction in a World of Distractions

We live in a world of distractions. Everyday in every way, something clamours for our attention. It’s no wonder we lose track of our thoughts and the things we are doing. So how can we train ourselves to better resist these distractions and stay on task? According to the neuroscientists, bilingualism may be the answer…Continue reading “Bilingualism Resists Distraction in a World of Distractions”

Revisiting the Mozart Effect and Other Music Benefits

New studies breathe new life into the Mozart Effect… The ‘Mozart Effect’ was a phenomenon first suggested by a scientific study published in the journal Science in 1993. The study, involving 36 students, demonstrated that teenagers who listened to Mozart’s 1781 Sonata for Two Pianos in D major performed better in reasoning tests than adolescents who listenedContinue reading “Revisiting the Mozart Effect and Other Music Benefits”

Enhancing the Body with a Well-Trained Mind

In recent times, we have read a lot about the mind-body connection where movement of the body is connected to development of the brain. This connection is so deeply entwined that the converse is also true – where training the mind can affect the body. Sports professionals know the importance of mental discipline and having a well-trained mind andContinue reading “Enhancing the Body with a Well-Trained Mind”

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