The Dynamics of Sibling Relationships

Some time back, I read a chapter in Nurture Shock on “The Sibling Effect” where Bronson and Merryman highlighted the importance of allowing your first child to have friends before giving him a sibling. Most people make the mistake of thinking that having siblings helps a child to develop social skills that can then beContinue reading “The Dynamics of Sibling Relationships”

Developing Stress Tolerance in Children

The 2013 World Education Games are coming up in March and Aristotle’s school has registered for the Maths category. So when Aristotle came home with his login details, I thought to give him a chance to practice to help build his confidence. I was not prepared for the reaction I received. Aristotle was not keenContinue reading “Developing Stress Tolerance in Children”

Behavioural Analysis: From Toddlerhood to Boyhood

Hercules has been behaving out of character lately. Up until now, I have never had to do a differential analysis for the change in his behaviour (unlike Aristotle, who required one at regular intervals since before he was even 1 year old). Aristotle has always been my super-sensitive child that needed careful management at everyContinue reading “Behavioural Analysis: From Toddlerhood to Boyhood”

On School and Siblings: The Socialisation Myth

I wanted to explore this topic because I believe there is a misconception about how children learn the rules of social conduct. Feel free to rebut the arguments here and/or share your experiences in the comments. There are technically two points I’m discussing here, the first is related to child personality… When Aristotle was little,Continue reading “On School and Siblings: The Socialisation Myth”

Books for Children: Character Development – Who Moved My Cheese? for Kids

I have been a little concerned about Aristotle’s mindset and attitude lately and have been looking for ways to help him overcome his “mental limitations”. When I stumbled upon “Who Moved My Cheese? for Kids” in the library, I borrowed it hoping that it might teach him a thing or two about embracing the changesContinue reading “Books for Children: Character Development – Who Moved My Cheese? for Kids”

Helping Children Become Successful in Future: People Skills

“No man is an island.” – John Donne. Because of this, how we treat people, how we handle people and how we related to others can make all the difference to our lives. If we could exist without the help of others, then intelligence alone would suffice. Since we cannot, EQ (emotional quotient) is theContinue reading “Helping Children Become Successful in Future: People Skills”

Life Skills: Setting Chores for Children

Some time back, I read a blog post by a homeschooling mother where she talked about household chores she set for her children. I wish I still had the link but I can’t find it any more. She said that she set the number of dishes a child had to wipe based on the ageContinue reading “Life Skills: Setting Chores for Children”

Are Some of Our Children’s Behavioural Traits Genetically Conditioned?

Sometime back I was having a chat with my SIL and she raised a very interesting question relating to childhood behaviours that I wanted to put out there for discussion. Here’s the question that triggered it all: “Have you ever seen a Japanese child acting out or throwing a tantrum?” I don’t know about you,Continue reading “Are Some of Our Children’s Behavioural Traits Genetically Conditioned?”

Character Building: Five Life Lessons for Character Development

Teaching our children values for character building is an important part of parenting. Using stories to teach life’s lessons is often one of the best ways to do this. Character Building with Stories Here are 5 lessons we can teach our children about how to treat people and 5 associated stories we can use toContinue reading “Character Building: Five Life Lessons for Character Development”

Character Building Stories – Real Live People

Examples of real live people whose lives represent a role model our children can aspire towards. Following the conception of Value Tales, an old series of books by Spencer Johnson, you can create your own value tales using the life stories of your own personal heroes. Briefly, here are character building stories from some ofContinue reading “Character Building Stories – Real Live People”

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