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Grit, Mental Toughness, and Sisu – the Qualities that Separate Excellence from Mediocrity

If you want your children to be successful in life, you need to help them develop grit. In an earlier post on this subject, we touched on some of the ways children can learn to be “gritty”: teaching them about the “growth mindset” giving them opportunities to face adversity But surely there’s got to beContinue reading “Grit, Mental Toughness, and Sisu – the Qualities that Separate Excellence from Mediocrity”

What Your Child Really Needs to be Successful in Life

What’s the real key to success? According to Angela Lee Duckworth, the answer is “grit”. Who is successful and why? In all her research, the answer kept coming back to one quality – grit. I started studying kids and adults in all kinds of super challenging settings, and in every study my question was, whoContinue reading “What Your Child Really Needs to be Successful in Life”

What Your Child Really Needs for a Prospective Future

If you still think that good academics alone will give your child a secure future, it’s time to reassess your misconceived beliefs. It is a rapidly changing world that our children are growing up in and the future is uncertain. All we know is that the days when a good degree will guarantee you a goodContinue reading “What Your Child Really Needs for a Prospective Future”

Increase Your Performance by Changing Your Posture

Did you know you can improve your performance just by changing your body language? If you modify your body language by changing your facial expression or adjusting your pose, you can alter your body’s physiology and that can affect how you feel and how well you perform. Here’s the clincher: you can make yourself feelContinue reading “Increase Your Performance by Changing Your Posture”

Children and Sleep: If They Don’t Snooze, They Lose…

If your child isn’t getting enough sleep, his performance in school drops. Well that’s obvious. But what may not be obvious is how significantly it impacts your child if he misses just one hour of sleep a night. “A sleep deprivation study on a group of elementary students revealed that sixth graders, missing one hourContinue reading “Children and Sleep: If They Don’t Snooze, They Lose…”

Apps: My Story World – Interactive Educational Read Along Stories

My Story World by Mindshapes is the latest of our collection of read-along storybook apps to be discovered and this one’s a keeper. Loads of stories! My Story World contains over 70 interactive stories with more being added to the collection each week! These are some of the stories in their collection that your child is sureContinue reading “Apps: My Story World – Interactive Educational Read Along Stories”

Character Development: What are We Subconsciously Teaching Our Children Through Movies?

What is the Bechdel Test? There is something I learned about recently called “The Bechdel Test”. Alright, we’re late on the bandwagon since this rule has been around since 1985 when it was first introduced by Alison Bechdel in her comic strip “Dykes to Watch Out For“. The rule is basically about the unequal representation ofContinue reading “Character Development: What are We Subconsciously Teaching Our Children Through Movies?”

So Homeschooling Raises Socially Awkward Kids?

I had to post this… I remember when I first entertained the idea of homeschooling the boys I was met with a lot of negativity – not that it should have been any surprise since it goes against everything we are familiar with. One of the common misconceptions that struck me was belief that itContinue reading “So Homeschooling Raises Socially Awkward Kids?”

Choosing Extra-Curricular Activities for Your Child

In an era of technology, screens, and physical inactivity, encouraging your child to pursue an extra-curricular activity can offer him a welcomed diversion. Extra-curricular activities offer many benefits and advantages to children, however, choosing one can be a daunting task. So how do you decide? Follow Your Child’s Lead Obviously, the best way to chooseContinue reading “Choosing Extra-Curricular Activities for Your Child”

Over-Parenting and Raising Self-Sufficient Children

When I was working in Colgate, I used to be present at a number of the events and exhibitions that were held over the weekends. One of the popular activities that the marketing team liked to organise for the children is a colouring contest. We used to be amazed by how involved some parents wouldContinue reading “Over-Parenting and Raising Self-Sufficient Children”