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App: Thinkrolls Play & Code

Thinkrolls Play & Code by Avokiddo is a logic and problem-solving app with over 800 maze-like logic puzzles, smart brain games, and a unique pre-coding platform where kids can create and play their own logic puzzles using pre-coded objects. Through interactive and engaging gameplay, this app helps children develop 8 key cognitive areas: logical thinking, problem-solving, spatial reasoning, memory, attention, processing speed, inventiveness, and creativity.

Play &Code

By introducing pre-coding at a young age, you can help your children develop the 21st-century skills that are essential for their future success in our digital world. Thinkrolls Play & Code integrates a wealth of pre-coding concepts into a fascinating play experience. Little ones will learn to solve complex problems, think multiple steps ahead, and seamlessly apply these skills to real-life scenarios.

Activities and Games on Thinkrolls Play & Code

  • Arcade Logic Puzzles
  • Create Your Own Logic Puzzles
  • Share and Play Community Puzzles
  • Brain Games
  • Create Your Thinkrolls

Arcade Logic Puzzles

Put your thinking cap on and solve hundreds of logic puzzles filled with fun physics and friendly creatures! Little players must use all their wits to navigate their Thinkrolls through a series of colorful mazes. They will handle and combine objects and think several moves ahead to clear a path.

Play &Code

There are three difficulty levels – basic, easy, and hard. Basic introduces children to each of the puzzle pieces and how they work. As they progress, the levels increase in complexity, incorporating the use of various puzzle pieces in a single level. Watch a sample of the gameplay in the video below:

A variety of puzzle pieces, each with its own unique features, can teach children about various concepts through logic and reasoning. For example:

  • Rocks and crates help children learn about gravity
  • Balloons teach children about bouyancy
  • Gears and racks help children understand simple machines

Create Your Own Logic Puzzles

Do your children have their own puzzle ideas? Encourage them to bring them to life without writing a single line of code! They can imagine and create their own logic puzzles by dragging and dropping puzzle features!

Play &Code

Children can design a maze, place pre-coded objects, such as fans, stretchy caterpillars, flying bugs, and bridges, and orchestrate a path for the Thinkroll. From the simplest to the most complex designs, building a puzzle will involve planning and inventiveness.

Share and Play Community Puzzles

Play &Code

Children can try solving puzzles created by other kids and also share their own puzzles with the community! New puzzles are added every month.

Brain Games

A variety of fun brain games starring the adorable Thinkrolls are included to help children build reasoning, memory, attention, and fine motor skills. These brain games include:

  • Memory
  • Spot the Difference
  • Find the Odd One Out
  • Sort a Lot – sorting skills
  • Food for Thought – matching skills
  • Hide and Seek – memory skills
  • Space Up – attention and fine motor skills
  • Pop the Balloons – attention and fine motor skills
Play &Code
Play &Code
Play &Code

These brain games are also available in various difficulty levels to challenge your child’s abilities as they improve.

Create Your Thinkrolls

Children can customise their Thinkrolls with hundreds of accessories won during the game. With millions of combinations, your children can unleash their creativity and build a library of ready-to-play characters.

What Children will Learn

Thinkrolls helps children learn a variety of concepts and develop various skills, such as:

  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Breaking down and solving complex problems
  • Creating step-by-step instructions
  • Using trial and error, learning through mistakes, developing resilience
  • Understanding cause and effect
  • Strategising and planning ahead
  • Practicing conditional logic and sequencing (if, else, before, after, etc.)
  • Understanding spatial relations (up, down, left, right, etc.)

Summary of Game Features

  • Solve 500+ logic maze puzzles filled with fun physics & brain challenges
  • Play 300+ community puzzles created by other kids
  • Code your own puzzles with simple drag & drop. No reading or coding skills required.
  • Save your puzzles in a playable library
  • Share your puzzles with other little coders
  • Play puzzles created by other kids
  • Experiment with gravity, forces, elasticity, simple machines
  • Play fun brain games
  • Create custom Thinkrolls characters
  • Ideal for ages 3-8
  • A friendly creature provides in-game guidance
  • 3 difficulty levels on the Arcade puzzles
  • Complete daily challenges and win trophies
  • Fun reward system for continuous motivation
  • Supports 6 player profiles
  • New content added regularly
  • Play anywhere, no WiFi needed
  • No third-party ads, no in-app purchases for subscribers

Thinkrolls Awards and Mentions

  • “App Of The Day”
  • “Great Apps Released This Year”
  • “Must-have Apps For iPad”
  • “The Essentials”
  • “New Apps We Love”
  • Mom’s Choice Gold Award winner
  • 5-star review from Common Sense Media

A delightful app that will captivate and continuously challenge kids,
encouraging them to think outside the box…Kids will enjoy problem-solving
and creating puzzles without even realizing how much they’re learning!

Common Sense Media

Thinkrolls is a well established series of logic apps.

Editor’s Choice – Children’s Technology Review

Extensive set of kid-friendly educational and creative activities.

Editor’s Favourite – AppySmarts

What Parents Say:

“I am shocked at how clever my 5yr old is proving to be.”

“Our 5 year old loves this and it’s amazing to watch his gears turning as he solves harder and harder challenges.”

“Thank you for showing me what my son is capable of!”

“It really makes us both think creatively and she often comes up with solutions to the mazes before I do.”

Thinkrolls Play & Code is available on the App Store here –

Learn more about Thinkrolls Play & Code on

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