Music Resources for Home Learning

These are music resources from our music teacher that I have collated here to make them easier for my kids to access. Feel free to use them, too.

Photo by Ricardo Abreu on Unsplash

Skoove Online Piano Courses

I wrote about Skoove some time back. To help us out during MCO, they have made the following features in their program available for free:

  • Beginner piano course
  • 27 songs are now available for free (the full list is available on their announcement page)
  • Teachers and educational institutions get Skoove Premium for free –Get in touch with them.

Full details available here.

Photo by Kyle Arcilla on Unsplash

TED Talks on Music

Double Up: Science Songs

More Music Resources

Don’t forget the music resources which I shared earlier:

More home learning resources here.

Music Resources
Photo by Matthijs Smit on Unsplash

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