Calming Activities for Kids

Recently, I wrote about a workshop I attended on Helping Children Manage Anxiety. It is a topic close to the hearts of many parents, myself included. The following guest post extrapolates further on the subject providing several calming activities you can try with your children when they’re feeling stressed or anxious. It is written by Miranda Hanson – an editor and writer from the RunnerClick.

Miranda is a mother and an outdoors enthusiast. She has written on a wide range of topics, from health and beauty to combat sports and everything in between. She is also an avid researcher, experienced in compiling and synthesising data from a plethora of sources alongside specialists and professionals to extract useful information and present it to the reading public.

Calm-Down: Calming Activities for Kids

Childhood and growing up are filled with challenges that can be stressful for a small child. They have to learn how to regulate their emotional responses, they get stressed or anxious and all that is difficult to overcome. Some adults haven’t mastered these skills, and how can a small child deal with all that stress. That is why it’s important for you to teach your child some activities and strategies for calming down. Teach them how to do these regularly and you will help them manage their emotions, stress, and anxiety. But what exactly these calming activities include? Let’s see some of them that can help immensely.

Hang Upside Down

Kids that love movement but need a way to calm down will benefit greatly from this strategy. If they are too stressed or upset, offer inversion and teach them the strategies to bring their head below the level of the heart. They can hang upside down over the couch, on the monkey bars or you can hold them. They can also try and practice the headstand or bend over and touch their toes. Either of these will help them because when we invert the body our autonomic nervous system restores and offers better control of stress.

upside down calming
Photo by Maura Silva on Unsplash

Use a Wooden Massager on Legs and Arms

If your child likes to cuddle and to be massaged, then this strategy will help them calm down. You can simply let them use the wooden massager on their arms and legs, and you can help massage their backs and they will instantly relax and feel better. What is more, you can easily carry such massagers anywhere and always be ready for a relaxing massage in stressful times.

Activities That Use Up Energy

For more active kids, some activities similar to sports will help calm them down. You can get on jumping ropes together in the yard, jump high or do some climbing. Additionally, you can try activities for kids like running and see who can run faster or a greater distance. This will get their blood flowing, distract them from a stressful situation and help them calm down. What is more, physical activity is linked to stress management, so you can’t fail if you do some of these.

Calming activities
Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

Take a Soothing Bath

As an adult, you already know how soothing a warm bath is after a long stressful day. The same holds true for the little ones. If you know that their day is going to be long and filled with obligations, as soon as you get home, surprise them with a warm bath. You can use this time to help them unwind and have some fun while relaxing their bodies and minds. You can even introduce some new bath toys, and let them sit in warm water for as long as they need it.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Calming Scents and Soothing Music

Some kids may not like running around or sitting in the bath, and if that’s the case with your little one, then you might want to try this combination. Turn on some soft or rhythmic music, such as classical music or some instrumentals and simply let your kid enjoy it. You can even light up a few scented candles or use essential oils, such as lavender or vanilla that will make them feel safe and comfy. You can even dim the lights in their room and let them enjoy some peace and quiet with great music and soothing scents.

Image by truthseeker08 from Pixabay

Every child is different, but they all can get stressed or feel under pressure. Don’t ignore their anxiety and offer them a way to relax and unwind. You can try several of the strategies and figure out what works best for them. Some of the activities will succeed and some will fail, but once you find the calming activities that help them, you will want to practice it regularly and help them manage their stress.


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