Kano Star Wars – Using the Force to Code

We’ve always been fond of Kano – the company that produced fun kits that encourages kids to learn how to code.

It all started with the Kano Computer Kit we backed on Kickstarter:

Kano computer coding kit

Followed by the Kano Pixel Light Kit:


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Then we bought the Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit for G2’s birthday (and thought it was so cool, we also gave it to my nephew for his birthday):

Kano Harry Potter coding wand

Kano Star Wars – The Force Coding Kit

Recently, Kano launched the Star Wars Force Coding Kit:

Similar to the Harry Potter Coding Kit, the Star Wars kit is paired to an app that is available for your desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Kano Star Wars Features:

  • Teaches children to code and create as they navigate endless Star Wars adventures, learning the ways of the force.
  • Like Jedi apprentices who must learn to make their own lightsabers, kids must put together their own sensors. Along the way, they will learn how sensors work.
  • No prior coding experience is necessary as children will learn to code through simple steps that teach them about loops, logic, and variables.
  • Choose the light side or the dark side and make your way from learner to master. Explore the force using code and hand-controlled characters and starships.
  • Children can share their coded adventures with the Star Wars Kano world community.
  • Recommended for children ages 6+, this kit works on recent iPads, Macs, Windows 10 computers, fire 10 tablets and selected other devices. Visit kano.me for details.

Admittedly, Star Wars has always been more to my interest than the boys. If your child isn’t a Star Wars fan, you can also try the Kano Frozen Kit. It’s similar in concept to the Kano Star Wars Kit, but now your child is Elsa, controlling the elements with their hands and a Kano motion sensor.

Kano Frozen 2 coding kit

More Products by Kano:


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