DIY Chocolate Bouquet with Felt Flowers

G1 played Cogsworth at our Primary School Musical – Beauty and the Beast. It was the first time he’s ever participated in the school musical and we were so proud of his efforts. When a friend asked if I was going to get him a bouquet of flowers for the night of the last show, I joked that he would probably prefer a chocolate bouquet. Since the only chocolate bouquets I could get from the florist uses Ferrero Rocher – which has nuts so I can’t bring it to our nut-free school – I decided to make a DIY chocolate bouquet.

I scoured the Internet for ideas and finally modified Learning Center’s felt flower bouquet to make this:

DIY Chocolate Bouquet

What you will need:

The Pistil

Wrap the end of one chenille pipe cleaner around the bonbon like this:

DIY Chocolate bouquet

The Petals

Cut out strips of red felt in the shape of a trapezium with the following side measurements – 20 cm, 5cm, 20cm, 6cm. It should look like this:

Chocolate bouquet

Note: The length of the felt can be adjusted depending on how many times you want it to wrap around. Anywhere between 12cm to 24cm works nicely.

Using the needle and thread, add a running stitch along one side and pull the edges so it bunches up like this:

Chocolate bouquet Chocolate bouquet

Wrap the bunched up felt around the bonbon and sew it in place.

Chocolate bouquet

Should look like this when done:

Chocolate bouquet Chocolate bouquet

The leaves

To make the leaves, cut trapezoidal pieces of green felt. I used a triangular shape but it doesn’t quite work as well. You need a small horizontal edge at the bottom to wrap the leaf nicely around the flower.

Chocolate bouquet

Wrap the green felt around the bottom part of the flower and use a hot glue gun to stick it in place. It should looks something like this:

Chocolate bouquet

The Stem

The chenille pipe doesn’t have enough body to hold the weight of the flower, so you will have to wrap it around a wooden stick. You don’t want droopy flowers, so make sure you insert part of the stick into the center of the flower. The end result should look like this:

Chocolate bouquet

Floral Wrapping

To wrap you bouquet, use a piece of blue felt (or any other colour you prefer). The size of the felt depends on how many flowers you made for your bouquet. Tie the bouquet in place with the ribbon and you’re done!

Chocolate bouquet

Final point to note – the chocolates are pretty secure so they won’t fall out. However, they are also not easy to remove.


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