Halloween Dress-up: Pokemon Chandelure Costume

And here we are with the Chandelure costume – number 3 of 3… Now everyone has a costume for Halloween, and just in time, too!

How to Make a Chandelure Costume

DIY Chandelure costume

What you will need:

Chandelure Costume Vest

Instructions for Chandelure costumeInstructions for Chandelure costume

Cut out 9 strips of black felt 1 cm x 70 cm.

DIY Chandelure costume

Lay them out onto the front piece of blue felt as shown below. You will have to cut one strip to make the horizontal line and the short vertical lines. Pin them into place and stitch them to the blue felt by hand or by sewing machine.

DIY Chandelure costume

Next, you will need two yellow and two black felt circles for the eyes. You can decide how large you want to make the yellow circles. The black circles are 2 cm in diameter larger than the yellow circles. This is so that it can form a 1 cm border around the yellow circle. Place the black and yellow circles like this:

DIY Chandelure costume

Stitch the yellow circles in place – either by hand or by using a sewing machine. Using another three strips of black felt, stitch them down in three black vertical lines on the back piece of blue felt.

The Chandelure Collar

You will need to cut out two black felt collars that look like Kermit the Frog’s neck piece. Stitch them to the neckline of the Chandelure collar as shown below. There should be a matching collar for the back.

DIY Chandelure costume

Sew the shoulder and side seams of the vest, leaving a 20 cm gap for the arm holes and the neck hole. Fold up a 1.5 cm hem and stitch it down. The hem should be wide enough for you to thread the elastic band through it.

Instructions for Chandelure costume

Sew a piece of stretched elastic to the shoulder seams to make it bunch up. You can see how we did it on the Gastly Costume instructions. Turn the vest inside-out and stitch the last two strips of black felt along the side seams of the vest. You will have to hand stitch these.

DIY Chandelure costume

You will also need to cut a vertical line partway down the center of the back of the vest so your child’s head can fit into the vest (we also did this on the Gastly Costume).

The Chandelure Costume Gloves

You will need to cut out four black felt circles that are large enough to encircle your child’s hand. Cut out a W-shaped wedge (see image above). Cut a triangular-shaped piece of purple fabric for the candle flames and stitch it to the W-shaped section of the glove (as shown in the image above).

Instructions for Chandelure costume

Stitch the two pieces of the gloves together along the circumference and the W-edge. Leave a gap on the opposite side to the W-edge that is large enough for your child’s hand to fit through. Repeat this process for the second glove.

The Chandelure Costume Headpiece

Instructions for Chandelure costume

Cut out two purple pieces of felt – flame-shaped. Sew them together along the wavy lines of the flames and leave an opening at the bottom (see image above). Turn it inside-out and hand sew one edge of the opening to the swimming cap. Stuff the flame with quilt batting. Seal the flame by stitching down the other edge to the swimming cap. Your final headpiece should look like this:

Chandelure head piece

Put it all together on a model and the finished Chandelure costume should look like this:

Chandelure costume


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