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Halloween Dress-up: Chick Costume

Halloween costume – number 2 of 3: the chick costume. Costume number 1 was the Gastly.

My SIL saw this on Pinterest and couldn’t resist the idea of dressing up her daughter in the same outfit for Halloween.

Chick costume
Image Source: Pinterest

The Internet is flooded with cute chick costumes for toddlers and I’m sure there are plenty of instructions out there. This is how we made ours…

What you will need:

Chick Costume Headpiece

Chicken costume

Cut the chick’s comb out of red felt. I did a free-hand version. You’ll need two pieces. Sew them together along the curved parts (shown below) and turn it inside out.

Chick costume - headpiece instructions.

Stitch one half of the opened edge of the chick comb to the top of the swimming cap. It should be positioned like a mohawk. Stuff quilt batting through the opening and sew down the other side. The end result should look something like this:

Chicken costume

A couple of things I would have done differently:

  • Stitch the comb lower down on the forehead because the a real chicken’s comb is attached almost from the beak.
  • Made it pointy instead of curved; again because a real chicken’s comb is sharp, not curved.

Chick Costume Feet

Turn the gloves inside-out and sew down the last finger as shown below.

Chicken costume

Turn it back the right way around. Take a chenille stem and fold it in half. Twist the two halves together.

Chicken costume

Bend the twisted chenille stem and insert it into the thumb and first finger of the glove. Stuff quilt batting into each of the four glove fingers and a little more to form the foot. Bend the glove thumb backwards to form the chick’s back claw.

Chicken costume

Draw a triangular wedge as shown below and cut it out.

Chicken costume

Use the two strips of glove to tie the chick’s foot around your child’s ankle like this:

Chicken costume

Chick Costume Bodice

Sew the white feather boa to the t-shirt/romper. The completed costume should look like this:

Chicken costume


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