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Halloween Dress-up: Pokemon Gastly Costume

The boys wanted to make a Halloween costume this year. G1 and G2 wanted to be ghost type Pokemons. G1 chose Chandelure and G2 chose Gastly. G3, my niece, is going to be a chick. As the designated costume maker, the task has fallen to me to figure out how to make them. So here we are with the Gastly costume, number 1 of 3…

How to Make a Gastly Costume

Gastly costume designGastly costume design

What you will need:

  • 2 sheets of black felt (60cm x 70cm) – like the ones from Daiso
  • some scraps of white and red felt for the eyes and mouth
  • purple disposable craft fabric – like the stuff they use to wrap flowers bouquets
  • scissors
  • black marker pen
  • fabric chalk
  • ruler
  • coloured thread
  • elastic band

Gastly Costume Face

Gadfly Halloween Costume

Sew the eyes, mouth and fangs onto the front piece of black felt. Mark the pupils with a black marker pen. Cut a semi-circular neck line at the top of the fabric.

Stitching the Gastly Costume Vest

Gastly Halloween Costume Gastly Halloween Costume

Sandwich the purple fabric in between the front and back pieces of the black felt. Use a sewing machine to stitch the side and shoulder seams. When you turn the Gastly costume right-way out, you should get something like this:

Gastly Halloween Costume

Turn the costume back inside-out and sew a 1.5cm hem line. Leave an opening to insert the elastic band.

Gastly Halloween Costume

Thread the elastic band through the hem and secure it with a knot. This will bunch up the felt fabric around the hips.

Gastly Halloween Costume

At the shoulder, sew a strip of elastic (pulled taut) along the shoulder seam.

Gastly Halloween Costume Gastly Halloween Costume

Cut a vertical slit at the neckline of the back piece of black felt – this is so your child’s head can fit through the neck hole:

Gastly Halloween Costume

Turn the costume right-way out and shred the purple fabric to make jagged strips of purple “flames”. The final costume should look like this:

Gastly Halloween Costume

Here it is on my model:

Gastly Costume

That’s one down and two more to go.


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