My Kingdom Playground at The Parenthood

Every holiday, we try to explore new places and new jungle gyms. The Kingdom at The Parenthood in the newly revamped Sunway Putra Mall came to our attention recently, so here we are…

The Parenthood

The Parenthood is a one-stop, multi-purpose edutainment family store that incorporates:

1. Shopping for your family needs (think baby stuff, like diapers, clothes and prams, and children’s specialty stores with scooters, educational resources, and toys). They even have a costumes store for all those hard-to-find specialty outfits. Here are just some of the brands on offer: Combi, Toy DHA, Baby Love, Buds, Bebebees Toys, Hape, K’s Kids, Lamaze, Nuk, Avent, Pureen, Pigeon, Fisher Price, Grolier, and more…

Kingdom jungle gym

2. Health and Fitness – Mums can keep fit and get back in shape with Power Plate.

Kingdom jungle gym

3. Beauty Salons for hair, nails and facials (you can also get your children’s haircuts, too) – because just about every mother is a Yummy Mummy these days.

Kingdom jungle gym

4. Enrichment classes – Currently, they offer Kick Boxing, Mandarin Class, Progressive Phonics and Speech & Drama Class.

5. Food – there is a cafe called Lillipilli. We didn’t really see what they had to offer but I thought they were just snacks. According to their website, they also offer meals.

Kingdom jungle gym

6. Entertainment for the kids. There is a small Nerf Gun “combat field” and, of course, the reason that brought us here:

My Kingdom Playground

After being spoiled by some of the bigger jungle gyms we’ve visited, this place seems a bit small. The up side is that they have managed to fit quite a bit in the limited space that they have and the entry price is pretty decent – RM35 for weekdays and RM45 for weekends. Best of all, parents don’t need to pay to babysit their own kids!

So here’s what they have in the Kingdom Jungle Gym – a mini climbing wall…

Kingdom jungle gym

A rope climbing structure and flying fox…

Kingdom jungle gym


Kingdom jungle gym

Ball pit and tunnels…

Kingdom jungle gym

And a trampoline.

My Kingdom Playground

There was also a video games corner which was thankfully turned off when we were there otherwise my screen-addicted kids would be glued to it rather than running around the gym. Perhaps the next time I should book myself for a pamper session while the boys play.

I like the concept of The Parenthood – it is well thought out, albeit on the small side for the grand idea that it is. It turns out, the store in Sunway Putra Mall is just the blueprint for the Megastore in Sunway Pyramid which was supposed to open April this year. A search through the internet revealed no new news on the Sunway Pyramid branch so it probably isn’t open yet. Well, we’ll be waiting…

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