Dialogue in the Dark

Took the boys to Dialogue in the Dark to give them an insight into what it feels like to lose their sight. What began as an adventure in the dark gave way to frustration as they discovered how dependent they are on their eyes. If I ever wanted to impart upon them the importance of taking care of their eyes, I could have done it better than this experience.

Dialogue in the Dark is available around the world and each exhibition is different. Depending on the size of the exhibition, it is usually a 45-60 minute tour where you are escorted through a series of darkened galleries by a blind guide.

Our tour began in a park where we stopped for a rest on a bench. We had to cross a river with a bridge to get to a bustling city street where a motorbike was blocking our way. Using only our sense of touch, we had to quickly identify the license plate of the bike before continuing on to the market. At the market we had to use our hands and sense of smell to figure out what produce were on sale. After the market, we stopped at a cafe for a cup of hot coffee.

At the conclusion of our tour, our guide, Michelle, shared with us a little about her experience of losing her sight and her independence. With little career opportunities available to her, Dialogue in the Dark was the first time she felt her blindness was an asset rather than a hindrance.

Dialogue in the Dark is an experience that everyone should have – you will never forget it. It turns the tables on us as we experience the world from the perspective of the visually-impaired. No longer able to depend on our eyes, it is now our blind guide who is the expert, leading us through their world and teaching us how to rely on our other senses to help us get through.

Dialogue in the Dark is not only an educational experience, it also provides employment for visually-impaired individuals who are now able to turn their weaknesses into strengths and regain meaningful employment in their lives. Do support this initiative and share it with your friends and family.

Details for Dialogue in the Dark

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Dining in the Dark

If you’re interested to experience more, you can try dining in the dark. I’m not sure my boys are quite ready for this one, yet.


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