Review: Trinity San Yu (Mandarin Program)

I am generally a proponent of allowing the children to choose what they want to do for their extra-curricular activities, but there is one subject I cannot compromise on – Mandarin. Having grown up all my life being shamed for my lack of Chinese-speaking skills, this is one “sin of the mother” that I cannot pass on to my children. Like it or not, they must learn this dialect from their mother tongue.

Although the boys learn Mandarin as a subject at school, I was concerned that the progress of every alternate week was insufficient exposure for language mastery. While that might suit the dabbling learner, I wanted the boys to have more. So I sent them to Trinity San Yu.

Why Trinity San Yu?

Trinity San Yu is operated by the same group that runs Trinity Kids Malaysia – the preschool that G2 attended. Given our positive past experience with the school, I went straight to them with a great deal of confidence in their program. Anyone who is familiar with Trinity Kids Malaysia and its proprietor, Daisy Ng, will know that their reputation speaks for them.

For those unfamiliar with Trinity Kids Malaysia, the following overview provides some terrific insights into the teaching philosophies behind this exceptional program.

Trinity San Yu

Trinity San Yu

At Trinity San Yu, they believe that the mastery of Chinese goes beyond speaking Mandarin. Children attending their program will be equipped with a solid foundation for Chinese primary schools in Malaysia and inspired with a lifelong love for the Chinese culture. Through their unconventional approach to learning Chinese, children in this program will be exposed to Chinese history, Classic Literature, Traditions, Character building and dynamic opportunities to build spoken proficiency.

Trinity San Yu offers three levels:

  • Beginner level: from 3 to 4 years old
  • Intermediate level: 4 to 5 years old
  • Advanced level: 6 to 7 years old

Age listings are recommendations only. Children will be assigned based on the level of their capability and readiness. Trinity San Yu intends to offer higher levels as students progress through to upper primary and early secondary.

Classes run on Tuesday and Thursday:

  • Beginners: 3 pm to 5 pm
  • Intermediate/Advance: 3 pm to 5:30 pm
  • Available on Tuesday and Thursday

Trinity San Yu recommends that students attend 2 days a week (particularly for Intermediate/Advanced classes) to gain the necessary time exposure and social interaction for in-depth language learning. Parents need to be aware that learning objectives may be compromised with a reduction in time exposure.

Coming soon! Trinity San Yu will be offering more classes at their Publika venue! Stay tuned for more news…


Overview of the Program

Trinity San Yu is structured like a Taiwanese style school, adopting the Beijing Chinese syllabus. Apart from Chinese as a subject, they offer Speech & Drama, Mathematics, Arts & Craft, Music & Movement, Gym, Culture & Classics, and Practical Life Skills to complete the curriculum through a Chinese medium.

The Chinese language has a long and culturally rich history. Chinese and English have very different orthographic systems. Unlike English, Chinese is not alphabetic nor phonetic. Chinese is made up of complex group of compound characters, radicals and strokes, therefore learning Chinese imposes a different set of cognitive demands on the student versus learning English. The initial effort required to learn the building blocks of the Chinese language is comparatively higher, particularly so for children from non-Chinese speaking families. – Daisy Ng

Trinity San Yu

The Objectives of Trinity San Yu

  1. To offer a rigorous foundation to the Chinese language.
  2. To promote written and oral proficiency.
  3. To offer opportunities to learn beyond the written and spoken aspects of the language.
  4. To cultivate an interest in the cultural aspect of the language.

About Trinity San Yu Curriculum

Trinity San Yu offers a robust curriculum that goes beyond mastering the linguistic aspects of language learning. They also seek to inculcate an appreciation for the broader aspect of Mandarin. They seek to achieve this by:

  1. Increasing class duration which increases the level of exposure a child has to the language.
  2. Blending both classrooms and non-classroom experiences, offering a dynamic rhythm to the class schedule that helps the brain to stay switched on.
  3. Encouraging the brain to operate in Chinese during the program through an interactive teaching style with social opportunities for the child to actively think and converse in mandarin.

Trinity San Yu

Who is this Program for?

Trinity San Yu is appropriate for:

  • Children who will be attending Chinese primary schools
  • Children who are not from Chinese speaking families
  • Child seeking to master a written and oral proficiency in Chinese while cultivating a love for it

Trinity San Yu

Trinity Kids Malaysia Contact Details

Level 5, The Verve Shops
8, Jalan Kiara 5, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-62116658

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