Lego Mixels: Introducing the Aquamites

G1 has been wondering about the LEGO Mixels Series 8 – what will new ideas will LEGO come up with next? So I suggested that he come up with his own series 8 instead of waiting for LEGO. Here’s his LEGO Mixels MOC Series 8 (please note, he says, he does not have all the right colours for his Mixels so please use your imagination):

Introducing the Aquamites

The Aquamites are a water tribe with special water powers. They like to splish, splash, splosh around, annoying the other Mixel tribes with their water games.

Watch G1’s video introduction for more details…

Aquamites Splish

Splish can shoot water from his hands and his tail can shoot powerful water darts:

Aquamites - Splish

Aquamites Splash

Splash is the leader of the Aquamites and he can breathe water (instead of fire, of course). He has a spike on his head made of water which glows when he’s near water.

Aquamites- Splash

Aquamites Splosh

Splosh has special water-skiing feet and he can also shoot water jets from his hands.

Aquamites - Splosh

Aquamites Max

Combine the Aquamites and they make Aquamites Max with his awesome tidal-tsunami power that blows away anything in his path. First he flies up and shoots water with his feet, then he lands with a powerful watery stomp, making geysers erupt from the earth all around him. Finally, he turns into a whirlpool, sucking everything with centripetal force into his maelstrom, causing everything around him to get super-soaked.

Aquamites Max

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