Tynker: Teaching Kids a New Language – Code

Tynker: Glitch Manor

In 21st Century education, it is important for children to learn another language but this language is not the usual languages we have become accustomed with. This is the language of computers and technology – code. The realisation of this importance has led to the development of many new programs aiming to teach young children about coding. One of those programs is Tynker.

About Tynker

Tynker Online is an end-to-end solution to easily and successfully teach kids how to code, as they create games and animated projects. When kids get started with Tynker, they will:

  • Learn to code using Tynker’s own visual programming language, featuring visual drag-n-drop logic blocks that eliminate the need to understand programming syntax.
  • Learn on their own with self-paced lessons and interactive tutorials are designed to build early confidence with programming, while guiding and inspiring them to advance their skills.
  • Get lifetime access to Tynker’s powerful yet easy-to-use Creativity Suite – including animation tools, art studio, visual programming tools, and a rich media library– engages kids’ creativity, and supports open ended opportunities for creating games and projects beyond the course.

When kids are ready, the solid foundation in programming acquired when building games and animations using Tynker, prepares them to learn any mainstream object-oriented programming language, like Javascript and Python.

Tynker’s goal is to provide every child with a solid foundation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) thinking abilities to prepare them for 21st century degrees and careers.

How Tynker works

  • Step by step lessons guide kids on a learning path that encourages them with reward badges.
  • Interactive approach with explanations, how-to videos, and mini games.
  • Guided learning with a built-in tutor to teach kids how to apply new concepts and free play mode for children to test out the new concepts they have learned.
  • Engaging puzzles that require children to apply new coding skills and solve coding problems.
  • Independent game building that encourage children to move from step-by-step projects to their own DIY projects.
  • Fun challenges assess understanding of coding concepts to ensure student mastery of the subjects.
  • Visual programming makes Tynker easy to use and fun to learn.
  • Once visual programming concepts have been mastered, students can transition to Javascript coding.
Tynker: Turing Tower

What can kids do with Tynker?

  • Make web apps
  • Build custom games
  • Draw math art – e.g. fractals, spirographs, space filling curves, etc.
  • Interface with hardware – program LEDs, motors, speakers, etc.
  • Model science projects – e.g. simulate gravity, build a water cycle, etc.

Tynker Programming Courses

Tynker Programming Courses offer lifetime access, self-paced lessons, guided learning, progress tracking, and endless creativity for children age 7 and up:

  • Age 7 to 9: This track is perfect for young kids with no experience. They’ll learn the fundamentals of coding in Glitch Manor, get creative with animation and game design in Star Runner, and even experiment with physics in Cannon Crasher.
  • Age 10 to 11: Early middle school kids will start with the basics of programming in Turing’s Tower, then dive into physics in Cannon Crasher, and learn more advanced coding skills that allow them to build even more expansive games in Dragon Attack.
  • Age 12+: This accelerated course sequence is great for older kids. They can race through programming basics in Goblin Quest and learn to program physics with Gravity Sling, then explore even more challenging concepts and advanced game design in Ninja Runner.
Tynker: Goblin Quest

Tynker Awards:

  • Parents’ Choice Gold Award
  • Editor’s Choice, Children’s Technology Review
  • Rated 5 stars for Engagement, Common sense media
  • Academics’ Choice Award
  • Rated “Best for 8-14” by USA Today
  • Award of Excellence from Strictly Mobile

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