Exploring Careers with Kids: When I grow up, I want to be…

G2 is working on a new topic at school – “When I Grow Up”. To support his learning, it was recommended that we take him to Kidzania so he can see the different types of jobs that exist. To further that experience, we found the following resources for children exploring the different careers available…

When I Grow Up, I Want to be…

Recommended for: 4-10 years old

Jam-packed with intriguing, well-researched information and engaging activities for a complete unit study, these E-Books are perfect for school or a great summer activity! The series covers the following careers:

  • Video Game Designer – This E-Book gives children a close look at what it takes to be a video game designer. They will “meet” several programmers and video game designers and see how they spend their days, discover what type of educational training is required, how much money video game designers earn, and more! Including engaging text and fun learning activities, children can even play a video game that was designed just for this E-Book!
  • Veterinarian – Learn the role of veterinarians in the military and the mission field. What does it takes to become a veterinarian? What does a veterinarian do? How does he do it? Learn about and study the exciting world of a veterinarian!
  • Police Officer – Do your children know what it takes to become a police officer? They will now! Gain a better understanding of a career in law enforcement on everything  from uniforms and salaries and everything in between!
  • Pilot – Learn about physics and the history of flight in this terrific E-Book about what it takes to be a pilot! Children are introduced to several real pilots, and they will get to perform terrific experiments with models! Includes activities for children 8 to 17 years old.
  • Missionary – What kind of training is needed to become a missionary?Why would a missionary need to write coded messages? Learn the answers to these questions and much more as you pore through the pages of the exciting E-Book .
  • Military – Discover fun and interesting facts about the different branches of the military, military time, build a gyroscope, and much more!
  • Firefighter – How old do you have to be to become a firefighter?How many gallons of water can a fire truck hold? Learn the answers to these questions and much, much more as you pore through the pages of this E-Book.
  • Farmer – Discussing the care of a farm is a tremendous place to introduce your children to the world of farming! Perfect for all ages, buy your copy today!
  • Doctor – Meet real-life pediatrician Dr. Atwi & hear him describe his exciting job in his own words. No trip to the doctor’s office has ever been as fascinating as this! Get your kids excited as they study the wonder of being a doctor!
  • Artist – For those who love to draw, paint, or for those living and working with an “artists frame of mind” the world is indeed their classroom TOS is excited for children as they enjoy this creative WannaBe Series title.
  • Chef – Where could you go to get training in the basics of how to cook? Learn the answers to these questions and much more!

Note: Books are written with a Christian perspective.

British Council – Job Mixer Game

British Council Job Game

The British Council is an awesome website with loads of terrific resources. In their games section, they have a terrific game exploring people with different jobs. Read what they need to do their jobs, then click on the arrows to see if you can find the clothes and things they need.

App: Exploring Careers

For parents who want to encourage their child’s curiosity about different careers out there, Exploring Careers is the perfect app. This highly interactive and feature rich app makes exploring careers a very fun and educational experience for kids.

  • Moon Landing: As an astronaut you help land the lunar module on moon.
  • Build a House: As a builder, using different building blocks you can build your own house.
  • Whack a Mole: Play the amazing game that our Computer Programmers professionals have designed.
  • Jam Session: As a musician you get to play different instruments and create your own amazing music.

Community Helpers: Play and Learn

Community Helpers Play and Learn help children learn about and explore the careers of 12 different community helpers:

  1. Firefighter: Help him extinguish the fire in a building by maneuvering the truck and crane to make the water reach the right window.
  2. Police Officer: Help him make a wanted poster based on his description of the criminal’s facial features
  3. Baker: Help the baker decorate her cupcakes as per a given pattern
  4. Teacher: Help her mark her students’ worksheets by matching the alphabet to the object
  5. Car Mechanic: Help him to paint some cars and fix the correct wheel
  6. Farmer: Help him to sort the vegetables and fruits into the right crates
  7. Grocer: Help her to count the objects and enter it correctly in a cash register
  8. Plumber: Help him to fix the pipes by placing the missing pieces based on shapes.
  9. Postman: Help him deliver the mail into the right mailbox by matching the numbers on the packages.
  10. Doctor: Help him give the right injections by matching the upper case and lower case alphabets
  11. Garbage Collector: Help him put the trash into the right bin based on whether it is plastic, paper or food.
  12. Gardner: Help him make a pretty artwork with twigs and leaves.

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Benobe offers a more complete range of career options available but is more suited to the older student looking into future careers options. Students can search for careers by interest, explore related careers, learn about study requirements, and compensation.

Careers Out There

Careers Out There is a free podcast channel that provides a day-in-the-life interview with an accomplished professional from a different career path. Learn from these professionals what each job is really like, how to break in and how to succeed once you’re there. Although intended for older students, recent graduates, and adults making a career change, Careers Out There can be useful for the child who has decided on a specific career and would like to know more about it.

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