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Free Educational Bundles from Educents

Looking for free educational bundles? Check these five free bundles from Educents available throughout October…

Hero-Themed Alphabet Handwriting Worksheets

Handwriting Freebie - Educents

Who it’s for: Pre-K to Kinder

Why it’s great: Have you met the Educents Heroes? Print these pages out and ask your child practice their alphabet with 53 pages of FREE handwriting alphabet worksheets featuring Super Doggie!! The Educents Heroes are prepared for this activity and have included both lowercase and uppercase letters.  

Cancer Awareness Bookmarks

Who it’s for: Readers of all ages

Why it’s great: Did you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Grab these free printable Cancer Awareness Bookmarks for a loved one or buy one for yourself to show your support! Includes 4 printable bookmarks, 2 of which can be used to color!

Four Types of Sentences Flipbook

Who it’s for: 1st to 2nd Grade

Why it’s great: This is a simple flip book for students to create. There is one page for each type of sentence. There is also a student practice page. The flip book comes in both color and black and white. Anchor charts for each type of sentence are included.

Sight Word Stack ‘Em Ups!

Who it’s for: Pre-K to 1st Grade

Why it’s great:  This activity helps beginning readers practice sight words in a way that is motivating and engaging. It is easy to make with things you probably have around the house, or can easily grab at the grocery store.

Telling Time to the Nearest Minute Magic Squares Puzzle

Who it’s for: Students that need more practice telling time.

Why it’s great: This activity helps students practice telling time to the nearest minute using fun puzzles that take the tedium out of the practice.

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