Sights and Sounds: The Jungle Gym @ Atria Shopping Gallery

With the haze blowing in and outdoor play being out of the question, I decided to take the boys to the jungle gym to help them unleash their restless energy in physical play rather than keep them cooped up at home where they would surely drive their mother insane.

We got word that the BIGGEST Jungle Gym in Malaysia had landed in Atria Shopping Gallery so we just had to check it out…

Affiliated with the Jungle Gym @ Bangsar Shopping Centre, the Jungle Gym @ Atria is the lastest addition to their setup. After paying them a visit, G1 concurs – it is the biggest Jungle Gym he has ever been to in Malaysia. I tried to take a panoramic shot but I’m afraid it fails to do justice to the place.

The Jungle Gym at Atria

So here’s what they have…

Sand Play Area with kinetic sand (which is available at no extra charge):

The Jungle Gym at Atria

They also offer Sand Art, Batik Painting and other art and craft in the corner next to the Sand Play Area. These are available at for an additional fee.

JG Sand art

There is a baby and toddler friendly area:

JG baby area

There are balls galore – shoot hoops, ball pits, the foam ball air guns, ball “pop-corn” machine, and fit balls rolling around…

JG basket ball

There are technical challenges for the older children:

JG layout 2

There is a “pommel-go-round”:

JG pommel go round

There is a movie theatre:

JG Movie room

There are slides of all kinds – big ones, windy ones, bumpy ones…

JG layout

They also have rocking horses, a trampoline, climbing structures, and obstacles.

JG layout 5

They have party rooms, a “kid’s kitchen”, a cafe and snack bar. There is also a toilet inside the playland which I think is a must-have for any Jungle Gym.

The Jungle Gym at Atria

At RM58 per child on weekends and public holidays, it comes in at a pretty steep entry price. Accompanying adults must also fork out RM10 to enter (which also entitles you to a free drink). Nevertheless, it did not deter the throng that made their way there on the recent public holiday. The sheer volume of the play area does make up for it since the kids have plenty to do without getting bored too quickly. The last thing you want is to pay RM58 per entry only to have your child tell you he’s bored of the place after a few minutes. We spent 5 hours there (including our lunch break) and probably could have stayed longer if I didn’t have to take the boys home so I guess it was well worth it.

I thought we would at least enjoy a quiet hour if we made it there as soon as the doors open but I was wrong. A crowd formed a queue pretty quickly and I found myself at the end of the line because I was confused about the entry sign-up procedures.

Note to newbies: if you’re planning to visit, the first thing you should do is get the indemnity form and fill it out. The service staff will be too busy to attend to you otherwise.

Although the place was pretty busy when we went, due to the size of the Playland, it didn’t feel too stifling. Agoraphobic parents should be able to find a quiet corner to sit while the kids run amok.

Overall, a good place to take the kids if you want them active but can’t get outdoors… My boys are already planning a return visit.

Getting There

Atria Shopping Gallery
+6017-336 8433/ +603-7731 7193
2nd Floor, Atria Shopping Gallery,
Atria Damansara, Jalan SS22/23, Damansara Jaya,
47400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

For more information, visit The Jungle Gym Website.

*Photo Credits – The Jungle Gym

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