Ready-to-Go Geography Lessons

The study of geography is crucial to understanding our ever-changing planet, from political change and warfare to environmental conservation and population growth. Here are 10 reasons why children children should be encourage to learn geography – it helps them:

  1. To understand basic physical systems that affect everyday life (e.g. earth-sun relationships, water cycles, wind and ocean currents).
  2. To learn the location of places and the physical and cultural characteristics of those places in order to function more effectively in our increasingly interdependent world.
  3. To understand the geography of past times and how geography has played important roles in the evolution of people, their ideas, places and environments.
  4. To develop a mental map of your community, province or territory, country and the world so that you can understand the “where” of places and events.
  5. To explain how the processes of human and physical systems have arranged and sometimes changed the surface of the Earth.
  6. To understand the spatial organization of society and see order in what often appears to be random scattering of people and places.
  7. To recognize spatial distributions at all scales — local and worldwide — in order to understand the complex connectivity of people and places.
  8. To be able to make sensible judgements about matters involving relationships between the physical environment and society.
  9. To appreciate Earth as the homeland of humankind and provide insight for wise management decisions about how the planet’s resources should be used.
  10. To understand global interdependence and to become a better global citizen.

Geography Lessons - Educents Blog

World Maps are so exciting to explore. The best way to engage a student learning about the world, is to ask them to label it. The Mini Peel & Play World Map Set on Educents provides students all the materials they need to explore and label a world map. Better yet, the map is small enough to stick onto the car window while you’re traveling. It’s also easy to move the map from room to room in your house – the map has a safe adhesive that allows students to stick the map to a surface over and over again.

The Map In Action

Check out the Mini Peel & Play World Map in action during this video.

Click here to find the Mona MELisa Mini Peel & Play World Map at a discount on Educents!

Activity Ideas

Looking for ways to make the Mini Peel & Play World Map interactive? Use these activities: Label the oceans – use the labels to point out oceans around the globe. Ask your student to match the sticker with its continent. What does your student see in that continent? What is the climate there? Is that continent above or below the equator? After your student has placed all the sticker labels on the globe, s/he can refer to the map while responding to these writing prompts:

  • Name all of the oceans in the world.
  • Locate your home on the map. If you wanted to visit Australia, which direction would you need to travel?
  • How would you travel to Europe – by foot, by boat, or by plane?
  • Which direction does a ship need to sail to travel from South America to Africa?

Click here to find the Mona MELisa Mini Peel & Play World Map at a discount on Educents!

About the Sets

Mona MELisa Mini Peel & Play Sets go beyond the World Map. Learn about all the themes and ways to use the sets in your lessons.

Peel and Play Educents

Theme options:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Geography
  • Spelling
  • Counting

Recommended for:

  • all ages
  • visual learners
  • kinesthetic learners – kids will love touching the pieces and moving them around from place to place
  • auditory learners – sets can be combined with verbal instruction

Parents: Stick your sets to a car window, on any wall at home, or on your child’s bathroom mirror to practice counting while brushing teeth.

Teachers: This tool will save you hours preparing any of your lessons. The labels are made and ready to go!

Homeschoolers: Provide hands-on lessons for your students! Visual learners will love the colorful map, and kinesthetic learners will enjoy sticking and unsticking parts of the map.

What’s included?: The Mini Peel & Play sets are fabrics with a safe, adhesive backing. They sets measure 11 by 17 inches.

Bonus!! You can download ready-go-to lessons to accompany the Peel & Play sets. Check out the World Map Teaching Guide.

Click here to find the Mona MELisa Mini Peel & Play World Map at a discount on Educents!

More Geography Fun…

Geography games for kids:

Brain Box – The World

Brain Box is a clever new memory recall game challenges players to memorize as many details as they can in just 10 seconds.

How to play:

  • Turn the timer over, concentrate on the card and try to memorize as many details of the picture as you can.
  • Roll the die to determine which question will be asked and quiz other players on what they remember.
  • Four wonderful themes will keep young minds engaged in this fast-paced game of concentration and detail.

Recommended for: Ages 8 and up.

GeoCards World

  • GeoCards World contains 5 Card Games that make Geography fun!
  • Contains: 50 Jumbo Sized Cards (4.5″ x 6.0″) with countries on one side and capitals on the other. GeoCards also have population, land area information for each country, and rules for five different games for 1-4 players.
  • Recommended for: Ages 6 and Up

GeoBingo World

GeoBingo offers a new twist on a classic game. It is also a terrific new way to make learning geography fun!

How to play: Get 5 countries in a row on one of the 8 GeoBingoTM Boards, then yell BINGO!

What’s included: 50 country cards representing the world’s most populous nations. Each card shows the country’s capital, land area, population, and geographic location.

Recommended for: Ages 4 and Up

Explore the World Game

Explore interesting and exciting places around the world. Learn facts about both the natural world and the man-made world.

Question: What world record does the Mariana Trench hold?
Answer: Deepest place on earth.

Fun Geography Books

  • There’s a Map on My Lap! – The Cat in the Hat introduces beginning readers to maps–the different kinds (city, state, world, topographic, temperature, terrain, etc.); their formats (flat, globe, atlas, puzzle); the tools we use to read them (symbols, scales, grids, compasses); and funny facts about the places they show us (“Michigan looks like a scarf and a mitten! Louisiana looks like a chair you can sit in!”).
  • Follow That Map!: A First Book of Mapping Skills – Maps are about far more than getting from a to b. Maps can help children understand and explore both their everyday environment and faraway places. With an appealing search-and-find technique, Follow That Map! is an interactive picture book that explains and demonstrates key mapping concepts. Kids will enjoy following Sally and her friends as they search for Max and Ollie, a mischievous dog and cat on the lam from the backyard. Sally and friends take an imaginative trip through the neighborhood, city and country, around the world and beyond. Kids can join in the search for Max and Ollie, who are hiding somewhere in every map. An activity at the end of the book shows children how to make a map of their bedroom.
  • Charting the World: Geography and Maps from Cave Paintings to GPS with 21 Activities – As soon as early humans began to scratch images on cave walls, they began to create maps. And while these first drawings were used to find hunting grounds or avoid danger, they later developed into far more complex navigational tools. Charting the World tells the fascinating history of maps and mapmaking, navigators and explorers, and the ways that technology has enhanced our ability to understand the world around us. Richly illustrated with full-color maps and diagrams, it gives children an in-depth appreciation of geographical concepts and principles and shows them how to unlock the wealth of information maps contain. It also features 21 hands-on activities for readers to put their new skills to the test.            Children will: build a three-dimensional island model using a contour map, engrave a simple map on an aluminum “printing plate,” determine the elevation of hills in their neighborhood, draw a treasure map and have a friend search for the hidden stash, create a nautical chart of a small puddle, survey their backyard or local park, navigate a course using a compass, and much more.

Fun Geography Apps

1. GeoMaster Plus

21 interactive challenges that will put your Geography knowledge to the test!

2. Dynamic Plates

Dynamic Plates is an educational interactive app that lets you observe and understand the internal dynamics of the Earth.

3. iLearn Geography

The iLearn Geography app is an amalgamation of our world’s most beautiful and interesting landmarks, brought to life by a wonderfully intuitive and creative user interface. These range from natural rivers, waterfalls and volcanoes, to manmade statues, buildings and cities.

Portrayed through stunning images and a custom World Map, iLearn Geography provides key facts such as location, height, size and other important facts. You cannot help but be amazed by some of the world’s most breath-taking sights. Sights and cities can be easily viewed by list, map view or through an audio-visual slideshow allowing you to simply sit back and watch whilst listening and learning about each fascinating landmark.

4. Learn World Geography

Wish you knew your world maps and capitals better? Brainscape helps you learn them FASTER than any other program, using the latest in cognitive science techniques.

5. World Flags Jigsaw Puzzle

With World Flags Jigsaw Puzzle, kids can learn the flags of different countries in a jiffy and also have fun at the same time. Learning the flags of countries is finally exciting and very easy. And totally FREE!

6. Stack the Countries

Stack the Countries™ makes learning about the world fun! Watch the countries actually come to life in this colorful and dynamic game!

7. National Giraffic

Do you want to know geography well? National Giraffic will help you to learn geography of the world, to remember location of states, their capitals and flags.

  • Become an expert in geography of the different continents.
  • Play and learn at the same time.
  • Compete with friends and family.
  • Choose your difficulty level from novice to expert.

8. Apps: Learn Geography by Chasing Criminals Around the World

9. Barefoot World Atlas from Touch Press – beautiful multi-media atlas app from TouchPress

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