Pirate Themed Learning for Pirates Day!

Arr me hearties! It’s Pirate Day 19th September! Let’s get into the spirit and celebrate with these easy and creative pirate ideas! If you have a child that loves pirate themes, this will also be perfect for your family any time…Pirates - Educents Blog

Pirate Treasure Hunt

Ready for some pirate fun over the weekend? Send your kids on a treasure hunt! Make your own map, hide some pirate treasure, and watch as your kids follow directions in search for Pirates’ Gold!

Or you can go on a virtual treasure hunt with Pirate Jack:

Join forces with Pirate Jack. He needs your help to solve eight problems and find the hidden treasure. Use the map to work your way through the obstacles one by one and in the right order. Apply your maths and literacy skills to make sure you collect the correct item before tackling the next obstacle. For example, you’ll need to order a set of words from coldest to hottest to find a lantern before you can explore a dark cave. Use different strategies to solve the clues, and you’ll find the booty.

Learning opportunities:

  • Solve problems using their literacy and numeracy skills within the context of a pirate treasure map.
  • Use of trial and error to discover the correct sequence of problem solving.
  • Work on a variety of problem types which focus on, for example, spelling, shapes, visual cues, word knowledge, addition of numbers and time.



Pirate Reading Programs

Island Adventures Reading Program

Join Pirate Pete and his crew with instruction and practice in advanced phonics skills, sight words, vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension! 75 lessons teach fundamental reading skills for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. Recommended ages 6 to 9.

  • Includes 3 free apps for learning on-the-go!
  • Intelligent Question Logic adjusts the difficulty to better match your child’s needs in several activities.
  • Over 400 ad-free activities for young learners, 75 learning videos, and 15 delightful storybooks – all with HD Graphics, professional illustrations, and crystal clear voice-overs.
  • Reading skills include advanced phonics (long vowel patterns, silent letters, diphthongs, compound words, etc.), prefixes and suffixes, syllables, 200 sight words, vocabulary (synonyms, antonyms, contractions, etc.), fluency, and comprehension.
  • Dashboard access for adults to monitor child progress, access reports, download free extra learning materials, and get discounts on other levels.
  • Award-winning supplemental reading program:
    • Top Ten Reviews 2015 Excellence Award
    • Mom’s Choice Awards Honoree
    • Homeschool.com Top Homeschooling Product 2014

Pirate Phonics

  • In Pirate Phonics 1, help the two pirate kids track down Blackbeard and get back the treasure he stole. Along the way, learn the first set of 36 phonics.
  • In Pirate Phonics 2, the pirate kids join forces with Blackbeard to stop the nasty governor from putting a stop to pirate life for good! Learn about blending consonants and the next 33 phonics along the way.
  • In Pirate Phonics 3, get through the 5 pirate trials and become an official pirate captain! Learn split digraphs, revise the phonics learnt in the previous games, learn some of the top High Frequency Words (e.g. My, the, and), learn to use phonics to read longer words and finally start reading simple sentences (such as “tap on the red cat”).
  • Blackbeard’s Alphabet is a fun way to reinforce your child’s knowledge of the alphabet and alphabetical order. They get to swap all the “boring” words in a normal alphabet, like “apple” and “cup”, for fun Piratey words, like “anchor” and “cannon”!

Pirate Stories

  • Meet the McKaws – Captain Stan and Tiny McKaw are rough-and-tumble pirates. Whether it’s searching for treasure or battling on the high seas, this adventurous duo is up for anything. But then Tiny’s parents come to visit. Suddenly, the big pirate ship starts to feel very small. Mrs. McKaw is always nagging—even in her sleep! Mr. McKaw insists on telling endless stories. And they both make the cook cry when they insult his food! After they stick Tiny in a very un-pirate-like suit and tie, Captain Stan has had enough. “Get off my ship!” he orders. Only moments later, though, a massive storm envelops the boat. Will the McKaws forgive Stan’s outburst and help to save the ship and crew?
  • Pirate Pete’s Talk Like a Pirate – Pete has a wonderful new ship, but no crew. But not just any crew will do. One by one Pete interviews his potential crew, and one by one they get the boot! Whoever will he find to help him sail the high seas? A hilarious and fun-to-read-aloud book that will have every child talking like a pirate.
  • The Pirate Cruncher – A mysterious old pirate tells a tavern of salty seadogs about an island bursting with hidden treasure. But once they set sail, he also mentions that it is guarded by the terrible Pirate Cruncher. When the pirates’ greed gets the better of their fear, there’s a big surprise in store!
  • There Was an Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Fish – There was an old pirate . . . who swallowed a fish, a bird, a map, some gold, and even a whole pirate ship! Will the Old Pirate sink to the bottom of the deep, dark sea?
  • How I Became a Pirate – Jeremy Jacob is a boy who joins Captain Braid Beard and his crew in this witty look at the finer points of pirate life. Written by the Caldecott Honor-winning illustrator David Shannon and the storyteller Melinda Long.

Pirate Party Food


Make your own pirate party food with a little help from Betty Crocker:

  • Pirate Cake
  • Pirate Pizza
  • Watermelon Pirate Ship

Pirates’ Treasure & Crafts

  • Pirate Crafts and Treasure Chest – Make a pirate hat, homemade pirate hook, spyglass, treasure chest, gold coins and more!
  • Paper Plate Pirate Craft – Use household items to craft a happy pirate face! This is an easy activity for kids and parents to complete together at home.

Pirate Bundles

More Pirate Stuff from Educents

Pirate Science

  • Exploding Treasure Chests Pirate Science – Dive into some pirate science with Exploding Treasure Chests!! It’s a great sensory experience as the solid, freezing cold chests turn to mush and expose treasures hidden within.
  • Science Pirates: Forces around us
  • Pirate Science Activities:
    • Boat Building: How did huge pirate ships and other sailing vessels stay afloat? Discover buoyancy, Archimedes’ Principle, and how to build a boat that will float.
    • Maritime Munchies: At sea, “hardtack” and “swanky” were foods that could last. Cook some up and compare them to what you eat today on a long trip.
    • Testing Vitamin C: If pirates and sailors didn’t get enough foods with Vitamin C on a voyage, they developed a disease called scurvy. Use chemistry to determine which of two orange juice drinks (natural and artificial) has more Vitamin C.
    • Out to Sea with Zheng He: How did pirates and sailors find their way, far from land? Examine a map based on a 15th-century explorer’s ocean voyages, and make a simple compass.
    • Stargazing: Without advanced technology, pirates and sailors navigated partly by watching the night sky. Keep a record of what you see in the sky by drawing constellations and the Moon, and making note of the weather and other conditions.
    • How Much Water Is in that Cloud?: Pirates and sailors could gather fresh drinking water when it rained. How much rainwater could they get from clouds?
    • Why Do Hurricanes Go Counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere?: What could pirates and sailors do when a hurricane was coming? Play a game with a ball to demonstrate the Coriolis force, and understand what pirates and sailors knew about the motion of hurricanes and typhoons.
    • Right Eye/Left Eye: Pirates and sailors could spy land far away, through a handheld telescope. Which of your eyes do you use, and why, when you look through a tube to sight an object?
    • Captain Cartography: How did pirates remember where to find their buried treasure? Create a reference map of an important part of your world.
    • Mint Your Own Coin: Pirates stashed away coins etched with the faces of kings and queens. Create your own piece of history, by making a coin that shows something special about your life.
    • Fair Shares – Predict equal shares: How did pirates divide up their treasure equally? (Or not equally?)

Pirate Theme Classroom Mega Bundle

Set up your classroom in a pirate theme with this package including pirate-themed word wall cards, calendars, customizable name tags, classroom jobs poster, time telling posters set, and more!

Pirates Island – Play and Learn with Preschool Educational Games


Come and join the most amazing pirates in the App-Store on their daring sea adventure! This excitement filled app has 8 interactive games and includes 30 of the most lovable Pirates to play with. Pirates Island will help your little ones develop their fine motor skills while providing hours of hilarious fun.

  • Coloring Book – Finger paint or fill areas with color to complete the cool coloring pages.
  • Puzzle Fun – Enjoy 40 colorful, intuitive pirate shaped puzzles.
  • Maze Challenge – Help the Pirates find their way across the maze and reach the treasure.
  • Pirate Run – Join Pirate Bill on his treasure hunt of adventurous fun! Help him collect all the boxes and find out which Pirate is hiding behind them.
  • Sticker Book – Interact with the amazing Pirates on screen while you can finger paint with colors and fill areas with paint buckets.
  • Mix and Match – The Pirates got all mixed up, help match the parts and put the colorful Pirates back together. This game helps children develop their memory and logic skills.
  • Magic Draw – Slide your finger on the drawing area to magically color the page then watch the drawing come to life.
  • Memory Match – Can you find two pirates that are exactly the same? Find all the pirate pairs to win the game.


Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of Figur8.net (a website on parenting, education, child development) and RightBrainChild.com (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

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