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Sights and Sounds: Avillion Admiral Cove in Port Dickson

DH was participating in a duathlon in Port Dickson over the weekend so the boys and I decided to tag along to see what mischief we could get up to while Daddy was sweating it out. We stayed at Avillion Admiral Cove which turned out have quite a lot of activities for a family staycation…

Avillion admiral cove in port Dickson

It would have been tremendous fun if we’d spent more time there and if I hadn’t been ill. Poor boys… Instead of having a blast, all they got to see was the swimming pool…

Avillion admiral cove in port Dickson

…and the kids’ play room where they got to watch Tom and Jerry while they played congkak:

Image Source: Let’s Play

And painted a mug:

Avillion admiral cove port Dickson

There are actually quite a lot of other things you can do at the kids playroom – other arts and crafts, like bead work, batik painting, sand art, paint a keychain, kite flying, and more…

Avillion admiral cove in port Dickson

But if you want to get even more active, that’s where the fun really starts…

Avillion admiral cove in port Dickson

They also have an adventure rope course where there is abseiling, rock climbing, rappelling, flying fox, and a high rope challenge.

Avillion admiral cove in port Dickson

They call it “Tough Nation”…

Avillion admiral cove in port Dickson

Yes, I was really crook because I couldn’t even soldier on to give it a go.

Avillion admiral cove in port Dickson

Ah well… PD hosts lots of sports events so maybe next time…

Oh yes… I can’t end this post without mentioning Tino’s Pizza – it’s a little, inconspicuous Italian joint that makes the best pizzas! The smells wafting out of there while the oven was going was so reminiscent of Lygon Street in Melbourne that I was momentarily transported through time and space. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.

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