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Sights and Sounds: Mazes and Places in Victoria

I’ve always had a thing for mazes – especially those life-sized hedge mazes like the one I saw in Ashcombe Maze when I was younger:

Ashcombe Maze
Image Source: Pinterest

Judging from the reaction I had from the boys when we visited The Maze in Swan Valley, I reckon they’re partial to mazes as well. Unfortunately, the hedge maze wasn’t ready back when we visited so our experience wasn’t nearly as cool as it could have been.

The plan was to take the boys to Ashcombe Maze during our next visit to Melbourne but while I was looking it up, I discovered that there are quite a number of other hedge mazes in the area…

A Maze’N Things

A Maze’N Things is a fun family attraction located at Phillip Island with five main activities:

  • Mini Golf
  • Illusion Rooms
  • Puzzle Island
  • Maze – okay, so it’s a wooden maze and not a hedge maze
  • Phillip Island Skytrail

They also have a “sweet and creamy” Lolly Lips for the sweet tooths.

Here’s a snapshot of the things they have:

Amaze N Things
Image Source: Pinterest

Or you can watch the following video for a quick tour of the place:

There are a number of other attractions in the vicinity of A Maze ‘N Things so you can make the most of your drive out there:

Enchanted Adventure Garden

Located at Arthurs Seat on the Mornington Peninsula, the Enchanted Adventure Garden offers these attractions:

  • Hedge Maze
  • Mini Mazes
  • Garden Design
  • Tube Slides
  • Canopy Walk
  • Bush Adventure Scramble
  • 3D Indoor Maze
  • Tree Surfing
  • The Big Zip
  • Lolly Shop
Enchanted Adventure Garden
Image Source: Pinterest

Watch the video tour:

There are also lots of other things you can do in the area:

The Tangled Maze

The Tangled Maze is located in Creswick which is northwest of Melbourne – roughly in the vicinity of Ballarat/Daylesford.

Update: Currently closed.

A Maze’N Games

A Maze’N Games is located in Wallington on the other side of the bay. It has only two attractions – mini golf and a wooden maze.

Here’s the video tour:

Hedgend Maze (Update: closed)

Hedgend maze is now permanently closed.

Hegend Maze
Image Source: Pinterest

Watch the video tour:

Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens

Last but not least, there is Ashcombe Maze, which is in Shoreham (not too far from Mornington and the Enchanted Adventure Garden). This place has three mazes:

  • Hedge maze – The challenge of the Ashcombe Hedge Maze is to find each of the four mosaic flags in the two halves of the maze. The task takes you through hundreds of metres of winding paths in the South Maze through to the Centre Garden – then you tackle the North Maze.
  • Rose maze – The object of a Circular Maze is to try and find your way into the Central Arbour.
  • Lavender maze – The lavender labyrinth at Ashcombe Maze is part of a 3000 square metre garden development set on the rolling hillside overlooking the picturesque Ashcombe Arboretum.  The 4000+ lavender plants have been used to create the winding paths of the lavender labyrinth leading to a viewing platform floating above the lavender.

There is also a Woodlands Garden with lots of things to see.

Watch the video tour:

There are more images here from Melbourne Playgrounds:


Boneo Maze and Mini Golf

Down a little further on the Mornington Peninsula is another hedge maze called Boneo Maze and Mini Golf that we missed when we originally wrote this post. They also offer, giant mini games, an adventure zone, wetlands, and a mini golf course.

More Mazes

Should be worth noting that these are only open on weekends:


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