Math Resources: Mathbreakers – Math Video Game

Struggling to get your kids into Math? Try Mathbreakers – a 3D exploration game for mathematics, covering core foundations for kids aged 6-12. In Mathbreakers, kids can enter a realm where math is their superpower!

About Mathbreakers

Mathbreakers is a revolutionary approach to grade-school mathematics that encourages children to learn Math through play. There are no worksheets or flash cards, instead, there are castles, machines, monsters, and magic. In the world of Mathbreakers, everything is made of numbers. They can be picked up, chopped in half, and thrown around. The basic rule is that when two numbers touch, they add together and combine. Based on this simple mechanic, there is a host of challenges to overcome as your children explore the world of Mathbreakers.

What Does it Teach?

Integers, Fractions, Operations, and Negatives are Mathbreakers’ bread and butter. It’s most suitable for 2nd-5th graders, but kids outside that age range (and often adults!) find themselves enthralled with a world where they can play with numbers. In Mathbreakers, basic fundamentals in Math are taught by presenting the player with puzzles, monsters, and gadgets with which to manipulate the numbers.

How to Use it?

Mathbreakers can be used in the classroom or at home. In the classroom, teachers can use the lesson guides to facilitate the learning process as students explore the world of Mathbreakers. They can also assign lessons and track progress through the teacher’s dashboard. At home, it plays like any other video game (except that it just happens to have lots of number in it) and children can have fun through a gripping first person experience, in a bizzare world filled with toys and puzzles.

About the Creators

Vivian, Charlie and Morgan have been working on Mathbreakers for over a year, and bring a wide variety of tech skills and game design savvy to the project.

Jo Boaler is a Stanford Graduate School of Education professor and Ph. D. She teaches how to teach mathematics and holds several Massive Open Online Courses in mathematics.

Federico Chivalo is the Math Specialist at Synapse School in Menlo Park, and helps design the curriculum and puzzles used in Mathbreakers.



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