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BP Educational Service – STEM Online Resources

Here’s another good free educational resource on the Internet…

About BP Educational Service (BPES)

The BP Educational Service (BPES) provides inspiring and engaging resources to support the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Their goal is to bring to life the topics that young people learn in the classroom by providing real-world examples, challenges and information using videos, interactive activities, worksheets and much more. These resources are developed with the help of teachers and educational specialists and are free (although registration is required) for teachers and parents of 4-19 year olds.

These are some of the resources currently available…

Primary Resources:

  • Science (Age 4-11)
    • Scientific enquiry
    • Materials
    • Electricity and Energy
    • Forces
    • Living things and their habitats
    • Earth and space
    • Light
    • Evolution and inheritace
    • Animals
    • Properties and changes in materials
BP Climate
Image Source: BPES
  • Design & Technology (Age 7-11)
    • Design a tower
    • Design a guitar
    • Design a paper spinner
    • Design a truck
    • Design an electric helicopter
    • Design a car park barrier
BP Towers
Image Source: BPES
  • Geography (Age 7-9)
    • Anemometer experiment
    • Measuring strength of materials experiment
    • Mini greenhouse experiment
    • Melting ice experiment
BP Science
Image Source: BPES

Secondary Resources:

  • Science (Age 11-19)
    • Chemical reactions
    • Energy and Electricity
    • Materials
    • Motion and Forces
    • Pure and Impure substances
    • Space physics
    • Structure and function of living organisms
    • Topical science / science in the news
    • Working scientifically
    • Waves
    • Careers in energy
    • Earth and atmosphere
    • Energetics
    • The Periodic Table
    • Chemical and material behaviour
    • Environment, earth and universe
BP Periodic table
Image Source: BPES
BP Solar
Image Source: BPES
  • Geography (Age 12-19)
    • Climate Change
    • Carbon Footprint
  • Business Studies (Age 14-19)
    • Enterprise Trading Game
    • BP in Business

More Science Resources:

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