Astronomy Resources: Inspire Students to Study the Skies & Beyond

We’re always on the look-out for fun educational resources that we can share with the boys. Here are some handy Astronomy Resources from EducatorLabs…

Astronomy Resource Collection for Students of All Ages


Learn about the solar system, the universe, and other space stuff.

Image Source: Star Child

NASA Quest

NASA Quest offers a wide range of FREE online tools and resources for teachers, students, parents and others including Web and print lesson plans, educator guides and workbooks.

Image Source: Nasa Quest

Ask An Astronomer – CalTech

The who, what, why, when, how on Astronomy…

Image Souce: Cool Cosmos

Jets Observing the Skys

An excellent collection of games and activities all related to astronomy.

Image Source:

Earth and Moon Viewer

This site allows you to view either a map of the Earth showing the day and night regions at this moment, or view the Earth from the Sun, the Moon, the night side of the Earth, above any location on the planet specified by latitude, longitude and altitude, from a satellite in Earth orbit, or above various cities around the globe.

In addition to the Earth, you can also view the Moon from the Earth, Sun, night side, above named formations on the lunar surface. or as a map showing day and night. You can also make expert and custom images of the Moon.

Image Source:

About EducatorLabs

EducatorLabs is comprised of school librarians and media/market research specialists who work as curators and conservators of the scholastic web. They seek to bring order to the chaos of educational resources available on the Internet and to assist educators, for whom time is a precious commodity, in discovering valuable, quality resources for classroom use.

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