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Hiking Trails – Bukit Kiara

We’ve taken up hiking… or rather Mama’s plan is that the family is going to take up hiking… Let me count the reasons why:

  • G1 hasn’t been doing too well in PE – very likely because he’s far too sedentary and fitness levels are subpar. So hiking is just another way to get him moving and hopefully increase those fitness levels a little.
  • G1 has developed mild myopia and the best thing for his eyes are more green, more long distances, and more natural sunlight. Tick, tick, and tick for hiking.
  • Being immersed in nature is good for the Cognitive, Emotional, and Physical Health and Development of Children.
  • Physical Activity is good for brain development and academic performance – check.
  • When the going gets tough, I hope it will help G1 learn about resilience, inner strength, and willpower.
  • We’ll be spending family time together, bonding and building relationships.
  • The kids will be engaged in a screen-free activity!
  • Mama gets to exercise at the same time so no more excuses about not having the time to workout!

Eight birds with one stone! What’s not to love?

For our first hike, we did an easy one in Hutan Simpan Bukit Nanas. All things considered, it went really well. So I did some more searching for “friendly” trails and decided to give Bukit Kiara a go…

Bukit Kiara

Bukit Kiara has a number of entry points. We took the Taman Rimba Kiara entrance.

Winnie Yong gives a very detailed account of the trail so maybe just head over there and read her blog post. I read this part to G1:

Once you complete the first part of the route, you’ll come to what we call the ’roundabout’ where the road splits three ways. Take 12 o’clock and you’ll end up coming out at 9 o’clock after a 2km undulating loop. Take 3 o’clock and you’ll end up at a dead end and have to run all the way back out. We usually take the 12 o’clock. – Winnie Yong

And we had the following exchange before we started the hike:

G1: Can we take the 3 o’clock just to see where it goes?
Me: How about we do the basic trail and see how we feel first?
G1: Okay, but I want to do the 3 o’clock.

Um… We never made it to the roundabout. Somewhere along the first part of the route, my mutinous boys refused to go any further. G1 complained that it was a never-ending uphill so he turned around and started heading back. G2 sat down and wouldn’t move so I had to piggy-back him and race after G1. All in all, it took us 50 minutes – and “someone” told me it was only supposed to take 60 minutes loop de loop. Hmpf.

Looks like we have a ways to go before the boys will have the stamina to complete this trail…

I think I spoilt G2 with the Bukit Nanas trail – he said this place was not nice because they didn’t have bridges and whatnot. Hmmm…

Below: the boys at the start of the hike when they were still full of energy and vitality…

Bukit Kiara


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