Sights and Sounds: Royal Selangor Factory Tour

I have a penchant for collecting memories so I like to take the boys to see interesting things and experience new places. I keep my collection labelled under sights and sounds and I hope to expand the list as the boys grow older. When they grow up, I hope that they will continue this practice and cherish the moments we spend together…

When G1 was little, I took him on the Royal Selangor Pewter Factory Tour. When he was old enough, I let him try the School of Hard Knocks where he got to make a pewter bowl. G2, unfortunately, missed out on the action because we never went back.

Recently, I had to get a present for one of the teachers that was leaving so I brought the boys to the Royal Selangor Pewter Factory. The intention was just to get the present and go but when we arrived, they thought we were there for the tour. Since G2 had never been on the tour and G1 probably couldn’t remember much from his first tour, I didn’t bother correcting their assumption. I’m not sure what G2 took away from the tour, but G1 did seem quite interested…

The Royal Selangor Factory was founded in 1885…

Selangor Pewter Factory Visit

…and was run by Mr Yong Peng Kai. You can read more about the fascinating history of Royal Selangor on Luxpresso.

Selangor Pewter Factory Visit

During the tour, we also learned all about pewter and how they make their products… It all begins with the wax sculpture (the green tree pictured left below). The wax sculpture is encased in a metal container and the container is filled with plaster. Once the plaster has set, the wax is heated to melting point and drained away. That creates the mold.

Selangor Pewter Factory Visit

Pewter is made from the elements tin, copper and antimony. It is heated to melting point and poured into the mold. Once it has cooled sufficiently, it is removed from the mold.

Selangor Pewter Factory Visit

The individual pewter products are removed from the “tree”…

Selangor Pewter Factory Visit

…and polished.

Selangor Pewter Factory Visit

Our tour guide explains the various types of finishing the pewter undergoes.

Selangor Pewter Factory Visit

Some designs are hand-made – like the pattern on the mugs, which require a lot of skill and practice.

Selangor Pewter Factory Visit

G1 tries his hand at it and discovers that it is not so easy as it looks…

Selangor Pewter Factory Visit

Inside the factory…

Selangor Pewter Factory Visit

…where they make all their products, including a number of prominent awards.

Selangor Pewter Factory Visit

Royal Selangor’s Wall of Hands is a mark of its tradition of taking an imprint of the hands of all their workers.

Selangor Pewter Factory Visit

They also have a replica of the Twin Towers made from pewter tankards.

Selangor Pewter Factory Visit

Outside, which we did not take a photo of, there is an enormous pewter tankard which is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest pewter tankard ever made.

You can also take a virtual tour to see parts of the factory and the showroom.

Getting There

4, Jalan Ushawan 6, Setapak Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, 53300, Malaysia.

  • The factory is opened from 9am to 5:30pm
  • Tours are free
  • While they do entertain walk-ins, you may want to call ahead to avoid disappointment in case they’re having a busy day

Special Activities

Royal Selangor offer special classes for visitors to try their hand at making pewter products:

You need a minimum of four people for a class.

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