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Advanced Potion Making Class

We like playing pretend and exploring the countless magical worlds we can be a part of in our minds. Sometimes we invent them, sometimes we borrow them, and sometimes it is an amalgamation of various worlds we have heard about. Yesterday, G1 decided he was going to attend an Advanced Potion Making Class from Harry Potter and create a few potions for school…

G1: I have extra homework today. I have to make potions. I’m going to make Felix Felicis, a love potion, and a dream potion.

Since he wanted to be able to taste the potion, we used drinking water, food colouring and Super Sprout powder for flavour.

Advanced Potions...

This was one of the potions G1 made…

Felix Felicis

A.K.A “liquid luck”. Imbues the user with unlimited luck for a duration of time after consumption of this potion.

It is meant to be used sparingly, however, as it causes giddiness, recklessness, and dangerous overconfidence if taken in excess. Felix is highly toxic in large quantities and is also a banned substance in all organised competitions, such as Quidditch, along with all other methods of cheating. It is very difficult to make, disastrous if made wrong, and requires six months to stew before it is ready to be consumed. – Harry Potter Wiki

G1’s ingredients for Felix Felicis:

  • 10 parts red “dragon’s blood tears” (red food dye)
  • 10 parts yellow “sulfurous ash” (yellow food dye)
  • few drops of midnight blue (blue food dye)
  • a dash of carrot
  • a sprinkle of lemon

Combine the ingredients into a cauldron and stir it up.

My Harry Potter in potions class... Working on Felix felicis aka liquid luck...

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