Introducing the Brain+ Virtual Brain Coach

Some time back, I wrote about a brain training app called Brain+ that was designed to train attention, memory, planning and problem solving. Now the developers have added a new feature that will take your brain training to a whole new level.

Introducing your new brain coach…

Brain+ has added a brand new feature to their scientifically developed and tested brain training app by the same name – Brain+ Brain Training. The new feature – called the BrainCoach – provides you with your own virtual brain trainer who will teach you about the brain and the wide range of powerful brain-techniques that you can apply in your everyday life to help you obtain a healthier and more efficient brain. You can think of it as something akin to your own personal fitness trainer at your local gym. This new feature is based on the idea that if we can understand our brains better, we can get more from our training.

Learn more about the new BrainCoach feature:

nonameNew virtual BrainCoach sharpens your mental abilities

As a new addition to the Brain+ app, the innovative BrainCoach provides you with a wide range of different techniques and exercises for improving your performance in everyday life.

The Danish brain training company Brain+ launches the virtual brain trainer, BrainCoach, which helps the user’s brain to perform better in everyday life with the use of tangible and powerful techniques. BrainCoach launched as a new feature in the Brain+ Brain Traning app on November 27.

BrainCoach teaches the user about the brain, about a wide range of powerful techniques and optimum lifestyle for a healthy and efficient brain. At the same time it helps the user through specific exercises to incorporate these techniques as mental habits in a variety of everyday situations. This improves the brain’s abilities in basic areas such as attention, memory, planning, problem solving and focus. It provides the user with improved performance in areas such as learning ability, reading speed, creativity, emotional intelligence and stress management. In the long term BrainCoach wants to help the user maintain mental sharpness and brain health throughout life and prevent disorders such as dementia.

The user is taught through a series of 5-10 minute long mini-audiobooks, SmartSessions, each teaching the user about a specific brain function, a technique and an exercise to incorporate it into everyday mental habits and lifestyle. BrainCoach is a type of feature that is not found in other market offerings and CEO and co-founder of Brain+, Kim Baden-Kristensen, is pleased to provide users with a new tool that can be used side by side with the existing brain training games in the app to lift the benefits to new heights.

“With the addition of BrainCoach, we increase the width of the exercises in the Brain+ platform and integrate them in people’s daily lives. We offer a personal brain trainer that delivers practical brain training techniques and exercises, delivered as audio clips and presented in a pleasant graphical universe. With this new feature we offer brain training in a variety of everyday situations that extends far beyond the time spent in the Brain+ app.” – Kim Baden-Kristensen

The hope is that users will use BrainCoach in the same way that they use an instructor in a gym – a support that inspires and pushes them to perform better every day. The new addition is, according to Kim Baden-Kristensen, another step on the road to becoming the world’s leading supplier of digital brain training.

To begin with the BrainCoach contains 30 SmartSessions with 10 more to be added every sixth week. On you can read more about BrainCoach and learn about some of the mental techniques in the app.

Even before the launch of the BrainCoach-feature, many users have been very pleased with the Brain+ app and during the summer of 2014 it reached a total of 1 million downloads in the Apple App Store and has been selected as the Best New App in 125 countries worldwide. A large number of users express their excitement on the App Store, where training benefits and entertainment value gets praiseful comments along the way:

“No less than fantastic. In my everyday life I can feel that I’m much more aware – especially when reading. Can only be recommended. “

“Super nice app. They have thought of everything and it seems very professional and well thought out. At the same time it is fun and entertaining. I’m sure that this kind of fitness for the brain becomes the new black. High praise from here! “

About Brain+

Brain+ is a Danish company providing scientifically validated, effective and engaging brain training. Besides BrainCoach, the Brain+ app contains a series of scientifically designed brain training games that improve core mental abilities in the areas of attention, memory, problem solving and planning. The vision for Brain+ is to improve people’s quality of life by helping them realize their brain’s potential. Brain+ games are developed in cooperation with leading neuroscientists from the University of Copenhagen and are suitable for people of all ages. The app is available for iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded and tried for free. In the spring of 2015 the app will also be available on other mobile platforms.


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