Practicing Practical Life Skills

When G2 was younger, I made him a set of dressing frames so he could practice some Practical Life Skills. Despite the effort and care I put into making these, G2 didn’t really care to practice these skills.

Dressing frames for life skills

Until I made him the vest for his Frodo costume:

Dressing frames for life skills

He couldn’t stop putting it on so he could practice doing the buttons on his own.

And when I got him a raincoat for school, he would insist on putting it on and pressing the snap buttons on his own every time the sky was overcast and there was a possibility of rain – just in case, because you never know if it might rain during the short walk from the school to the car.

Photo Credit: Westbourne Academy

Sometimes it depends on how you present the materials to your child. A dressing frame, detached from any meaning, held no interest. A vest and a coat that he could wear – that was worth practicing his skills for…

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