Good Ol’ Fashioned Fun: Let’s Pretend!

Pretend Play and Role Playing offer many benefits for children. They help develop:

  • Social and Emotional Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Imagination
  • Motor Skills

Role playing with fantasy games can also help children to manage their anxieties. Through imaginative pretend play, children can explore ideas and emotions in a “safe” environment.

Image Source: An Everyday Story

So here we are playing Harry Potter with our magic wand, remembrall, book of Advanced Potions Making, cauldron, and potion ingredients – blood moss, spider’s silk, nightshade, mandrake root, black pearl and sulphurous ash…

Harry Potter

We’ve also been recycling the Hobbit costumes I made for Book Week. Our Elven blades were a little worse for wear after the boys did battle with evil Goblins and Orcs so Mama the Smithy had to “reforge” the swords with Mithril sourced from our Angry Birds Go race track.

Sting Repair

Of course, we’ll be better equipped to do battle again once we have our Forge of Honor weapons…

Forge of Honor


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