Review: Happikiddo – Mum’s Favourite Shop

Calling All Parents…

Whether you are parents to be, new parents, or parents with growing children, Happikiddo is a store you cannot miss… They have everything from maternity wear and diapers to organic baby food and thermal lunch boxes to children’s furniture and educational toys and much, much more. To get an inkling of what this shop is like, you can picture Mothercare with their Early Learning Centre connection but with a greater range of products. Happikiddo boasts a selection of products, many of which are not available anywhere else in Malaysia. They aim to be a one-stop solution where parents can get everything they require for Mum, bub and growing child.

A Visit to Happikiddo Citta Mall

I was recently invited to pay a visit to Happikiddo in Citta Mall. I confess I was initially disinterested because I had seen their branch in Publika and have always thought of them primarily as a baby shop. Well, it turns out that the branch in Publika is more like a Happikiddo express. If you want to see what they really have to offer, you should visit them at Citta Mall. I lost my head in there – they had everything that I had previously bought online or overseas because there had been no local supplier, until now.



Taking a walk down the aisles for Mums brought back many memories from my first pregnancy. I still recall shopping for maternity clothes in Singapore because I refused to look like I was wearing my grandmother’s crochet table cloth. If you’re a pregnant mother, you’ll find the selection of maternity wear at Happikiddo rather chic and fashionable – the kind of clothes you would wear even if you weren’t pregnant.

Did I mention the Mum bags? Go nuts with their extensive collection of diaper and bottle bags that you can accessorise your outfits with – no one will guess what you really keep in there…

Another memory from my pregnancy days was the itchy skin and fear of stretchmarks. One of the products I used to keep the stretchmarks at bay was called Mustela – the experts of babies and mothers’ skin for more than 60 years – and it was only available in Singapore. Well, guess what? Now you can get it from Happikiddo along with a number of other brands of skin care specially formulated for mothers.


Cots, changing tables, high chairs, diapers, baby food, prams, baby carriers, nursing bottles, breastfeeding support, home safety, sippy cups, baby clothes – they really have it all. You’ll find most of the stuff on your baby shopping checklist here whether you intend to breastfeed or bottle feed or whether you want to use a structured baby carrier or a sling – Happikiddo caters for all the different parenting choices.


There are so many brands and so many options that I won’t go into them here. I’ll leave the new parents to discover this treasure trove when you visit Happikiddo for your own shopping experience. I would, however, like to mention a couple of products that I was particularly pleased to see are now available to local parents:


Since my children are no longer infants or toddlers and I’m not planning any more babies, the part of the store that really interested me was their stuff for older children – the toys, bags, clothes, and furniture. Among the clothes for children, they have those funky Polliwalk shoes that look like animals; thermal swim suits that help keep children warm in the water; and those tulle skirts that all the little girls are mad for these days. They also have cute animal schoolbags and a wide assortment of lunch bags, including the thermal ones I’d been hunting high and low for several months ago (and ended up having to purchase online when I couldn’t find what I wanted in the shops).

Furniture for Children

Growing children eventually need their own rooms and Happikiddo also facilitates that transition with their selection of children-sized furniture.



Outdoor Fun

Growing children are also learning new skills like how to ride a bike. Happikiddo supports parents to inculcate a lifestyle of healthy outdoor play with their selection of balance bikes and scooters – they even have a scooter suitable for adults so Mum or Dad can join in the fun.

And then there are the toys… oh where do I begin?

If you follow the Montessori Method, you may be aware that the philosophy encourages having fewer but beautiful, quality toys – preferably wooden – over plentiful, cheap toys that break easily. The idea behind this is to encourage children to appreciate their belongings and to look after them carefully. The toys from Happikiddo reflect this philosophy…

They have gorgeous wooden toys from Hape:

Hape discovery space center
Discovery Space Center
Hape Zoo'm
Zoo’m – helps develop fine motor skills for handwriting
Marble Run
Quadrilla Marble Run

Educational magnetic toys from Janod:

Janod Body Magnet
Body Magnet
magnetic calendar
Magnetic Calendar
Magnetic world map
Magnetic World Map

Beautifully crafted and hand-painted animal figurines from Schleich:


Interesting educational toys from Learning Resources:

ABC Cookies
ABC Cookies
sorting suitcase
Sorting Suitcase
Math marks the spot
Math Marks the Spot
pretend play doctor
Pretend Play – Doctor Set

Like many of the other products I’ve covered in this review, these toys are only a handful of the range offered at Happikiddo. The owners of Happikiddo are also constantly on the lookout for new and innovative products to add to their existing inventory so you can expect to see more interesting products in time to come. Happikiddo is a store you really have to visit for yourself. To see their full range of products, I recommend the branch in Citta Mall.

About Happikiddo

Happikiddo is a concept baby store with A-Z cool and innovative stuff for mums, babies and children. Just everything you need under one roof, hand-picked and always trend forward. Our favourite thing to do is to get parents excited, kids happy. We are based in Citta Mall in Petaling Jaya and Publika in Kuala Lumpur.


Find out more about Happikiddo:

Instagram: @thehappikiddo
Twitter: @happikiddo

Where are they?

Happikiddo has two branches:

1. Happikiddo Citta Mall – Lot No. F23-F25, 1st Floor, Citta Ara Damansara No.1, Jalan PJU 1A/48, PJU 1A, Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya.

This is their flagship store with a more extensive range of the products they offer.

2. Publika Shopping Gallery, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

  • Happikiddo – Lot No. 9 Level UG1
  • Mum Over the Moon – Lot No. 49A Level G3

3. Quill City Mall

Happikiddo is now in Quill City Mall

28-31, Level 2, Quill City Mall

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