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Creative Writing: How the Bee Got Home by Gavin Goh

This is another update of G1’s fictional work…

Recently, a friend recommended StoryBird to us. She thought that it would be a great place for G1 to create and share his work. StoryBird is like an online community for aspiring writers to create, share, and publish their stories. StoryBird also provides a library of artwork that writers can add to their stories – which was one of the snags we faced with G1’s first story – The Curse of the Dragon.

You can read more about StoryBird here:

What’s great about StoryBird is that you can also print physical copies of your books in soft or hardcover – for a keepsake, to give away to friends and family, or even to sell! Best of all, there is no minimum requirement for the number of pages your book must have before you can print it. This was the other problem we had when G1 wanted to print his first book – he didn’t have enough pages since most printers require a book to have at least 20 pages before they will accept it for printing.

Image Source: StoryBird

When you write a story on StoryBird, you have the option of keeping it private or you can make it public – so anyone can find your book and read it. If you choose to keep it private, you can still share your books with friends and family by giving them the link to the book. If you choose to make the book public, it has to be reviewed by the moderators of StoryBird before they list it in the StoryBird “public library” of books.

G1 has a new book he recently completed. It’s called “How the Bee Got Home“. His pen name is “Dinowriter”. The book is still awaiting moderation so you’ll have to click on the link (or the image below) to read it. He added the extra pages at the end to introduce the characters because he thought he needed to have 20 pages to print the book – which was what I told him when he asked why he couldn’t print his first story about the dragons. Anyway, I hope you will click the link to read his book and increase the hits on it so it will encourage him to write more…

How the Bee Got Home

More works from Gavin Goh:

Writing Courses for Children

If your child is inspired to be a writer, there are plenty of online writing courses for children to help them develop their craft. Here are a few that I found:

More Writing Sites for Children

If you rather not use StoryBird, you can also check out these other story writing sites for children:

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