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Fun Activities: Indoor Camping…

The haze is back…

What do you do when the weather is bad and you can’t go outside to play?

Why you go camping indoors, of course!

This was our make-shift tent using an IKEA bed tent. The tent is supposed to lock onto the children’s bed frames from IKEA (which we don’t have) so we had to improvise with a bit of string and a shower curtain pole. It’s not exactly the most imaginative of tents but the kids had fun with it…

The weather is crappy again and we are back to indoor camping...

The more creative individuals can check out these 10 way cool indoor play areas for a bit of inspiration. I stumbled upon them when I was searching for some ideas to add on to my basic tent.

1. The Table Cloth Cubby House by Little in Cowes – if you don’t feel like making your own, you can always get one from Etsy.

Photo Credit: Little in Cowes

2. The A-Frame Tent which seems to be a popular play tent design – instructions for making this on Grosgrain

Photo Credit: Pinterest – Somethings Hiding in Here

3. DIY Teepee – instructions for this can be found on Pink Toes and Power Tools

Photo Credit: Pinterest – Clubecandoca

4. 3-in-1 Kids Play Tent – love this multi-functional play tent that doubles up as a reading corner from BabyCenter’s Life and Home

Photo Credit – BabyCenter

5. Indoor Tree House – this is not for the faint of heart but boy does it look lovely!

Photo Credit: Pinterest – Playhouse, Tent & Teepee

6. Play Corner – another design for the more DIY-handy Mums & Dads found on Mommo Design but no instructions…

Photo Credit: Mommo Design

7. Pop-up Cardboard Play Area by Liya Mairson

Photo Credit: Liya Mairson

8. Corridor Tree House from Apartment Therapy (who says you can’t have fun living in an apartment?

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

9. Indoor Island Get-away from HGTV – okay, maybe we’re moving out of the DIY stuff here…

Photo Credit: HGTV

10. Castle Bunk Bed from Great Interior Design – the ultimate option if you don’t want to DIY (more here from Tanglewood Design and Sweet Retreat Kids – which are unfortunately only available in the US)

Photo Credit: Great Interior Design

11. Ok, ok, this is not exactly a play house, but wow… I want to be the kid living in this house.

Photo Credit: Architecture Art Designs

Dang. Suddenly my tent looks so pathetic and I feel like such a lazy Mum for not putting in the effort… Lucky my boys aren’t critical.

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