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Sights and Sounds: Legoland Hotel – Johor Bahru, Malaysia

We finally took our Legomania kids for a visit to Legoland and stayed at the Legoland Hotel. According to the boys, it was…


Thanks especially to Fitri, Nabila, Aqilla, Eddie and Syida – the friendly staff at the Legoland Hotel – for making it such a memorable experience.

My boys had such an awesome time that they wanted to stay there “forever”. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and there were teary eyes when we made our departure. We had no plans for a sequel but it’s looking like a “Return to Legoland” is already heavily in demand…

If we’re waxing lyrical about this place, it’s because this is the stuff that our boys’ dreams are made of.

Legoland Hotel

As you approach Legoland, the structure you will notice is the hotel which looks like a building made out of giant Lego.

Photo Credit: Legoland

In the foyer, while the parents are checking in, the kids can be kept entertained by two Lego structures – a child-sized Lego castle, and a Lego ship surrounded by “Lego” water that they can play with to create anything their minds can imagine.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia

For the younger children, there is another play area with Duplo blocks and giant Lego bricks to build life-sized structures with.


If that’s not enough, there is always the dance area for the kids to get up and boggie.


Behind the registration counter is a wall containing what looked like every Lego character ever in existence.


The check-in time is 4pm but you can sign in earlier and leave your luggage in the luggage room while you go off to visit the Theme Parks. The hotel will contact you around about 4pm when your room is ready and you can collect your room key at your leisure.

The entire hotel is a Lego feast for the eyes with themed carpets and wall-paper, and Lego constructions of all kinds.

Legoland Hotel Works of Art

In the elevators, there’s a disco ball and music – Dancing Queen, Staying Alive, YMCA, We Are Family – that will get the kids jigging and jiving all the way to the level of your room. Once you get out of the elevator, be prepared to be greeted by the theme of your choice – Pirate, Adventure, or Kingdom – and boy have they really gone to town with the decorations!


Adventure Theme

Photo Credit: Pinterest – Tourism Malaysia Australia

Kingdom Theme

Photo Credit: XINMSN Lifestyle

Pirate Theme

Photo Credit: Agoda

Inside the hotel room – aside from the TV – are more activities to keep the kids occupied. They have a Duplo play set (not for taking home) that the children can play with for the duration of their stay at the hotel, and they have a treasure chest with a combination lock and a clue sheet that the children have to work out if they want to get to the treasure inside…

Legoland Hotel Treasure Chest

The rooms and the hotel amenities are also very child-friendly with their children’s sized toilets and sinks.

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

Breakfast is at Bricks Family Restaurant and the buffet spread on offer is pleasingly sizable with lots of choices. Just a word of advice on breakfast… get there early in the morning or you will have to queue for a table (if the hotel is fully booked, like it was in our case).

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

Oh yes, let’s not forget… if, after the Theme Parks, you’re still looking for more, there is also a swimming pool on level 4…


Seriously, this hotel is a child’s Lego Haven – and I’m not just talking about the little kids… This is just the hotel and we haven’t even started the serious fun! Stay tuned for the details of our adventures at the Legoland Theme Park!

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