Books: Give Me a Hug

I stumbled on this book while I was at the bookstore and thought it was just the perfect book for G1 who’s always been a bit of a “glass half-empty” boy.

Give Me a Hug

Give Me a Hug: 8 Life Lessons from Nick your kids cannot miss

It tells the story of Nick Vujicic – an international motivational speaker who was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder that is characterised by the absence of all four limbs – and it shares 8 important lessons that all children can learn from Nick’s life:

  1. Empathy
  2. Love
  3. Never give up
  4. Bully or Angel?
  5. Happiness is a choice
  6. Gratitude
  7. You can be whatever you want to be
  8. Life is wonderful

I’ve seen a lot of motivational books that convey inspiring messages. While they do a lot to the encourage adults who read them, they are still far too abstract for a child to grasp the significance or true meaning of the lessons they teach. Nick’s book is effective because his messages are conveyed simply but poignantly with examples shared from Nick’s own personal experiences.


I have been trying quite unsuccessfully to imbue G1 with these philosophies with questionable success so I figured I ought to let someone else do the talking. Since books really speak to him, and sometimes it seems like he listens to them more than he listens to me, it really felt like this was a book written for him.

So G1 read the book and… he liked it! Yay! Has he taken any of it to heart? Well, I don’t know but he’s read it and he enjoyed it so at least I know the words are being processed somewhere in that head of his. Maybe it won’t rub off on his young mind so soon, but perhaps, one day in the future, he’s going to remember Nick’s amazing story.

I read the book, too, and cried. Yes, motherhood has ruined me. Those maternal hormones that should have left years ago are still affecting me. Now I cry about everything – even The Lego Movie!

But I digress… There is another book in this series along a similar line called “Dream Big” that is worth looking at if you enjoyed this book.

Notes for Non-Christian Parents

Nick is an evangelical Christian but this book does not make reference to any particular religious perspective so whether you are agnostic, atheist or a follower of another religion, the content of this book will still be appropriate for your child.

Other Books by Nick Vujicic:

About Nick Vujicic

If you have never heard of him or you don’t know much about him, you really have to watch his talk on TEDx Talks – he is simply amazing.

For more of Nick’s stories, visit Life Without Limbs.

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