Books: The Skull Alphabet Book

The Skull Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta and illustrated by Ralph Masiello is a pretty cool book we stumbled upon at G1’s school library when I was searching for picture books for G2.

Each page shows lovely coloured illustrations of a skulls of animals starting with the letters of the alphabet from A to Z but they don’t tell you which animal it is. Clues are given in the drawings and in the words to help you identify the animal. Some of the animals are obvious, like C is for cat and D is for dog. Others are a little trickier for some of the younger children, like J is Jersey Cow. If you’re really stuck, you can check the answers on the skulls page towards the end of the book.

As you read along with your child, you’ll also learn a thing or two about skulls like terms for parts of the skulls – sutures, mandibles, and zygomatic arches. You’ll learn about the features that tell you whether an animal is a hunter or the prey, the scientific way animals are classified under the animal kingdom, and alternate names of common animals, among other things.


Even if skulls aren’t your thing, Jerry Pallotta’s also written other alphabet books that are sure to capture any child’s fancy:

Now we have a new series to look out for at the library…

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