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Children’s Garden Water Play and Adventure Playground

Gardens by the Bay just got a whole lot more fun for kids…

…or perhaps it’s been fun for a while but we just never noticed these additional outdoor themes…

Children’s Garden Water Play

The Children’s Garden is located down a path to the right just before the Friends of the Gardens Office (opposite the ticketing counter). It’s out in the open garden area so no ticket is required to enter.

Gardens Water Play

Gardens Water Play4

Gardens Water Play3

Children's Garden Water Play and Adventure Playground

Children’s Garden Adventure Playground

There is also a really cool adventure circuit with tree house that is open to children from age 6-12 years. It is located next to the water play area and is free to access. I can’t believe we haven’t been to this part of the gardens until now!

Gardens Adventure

Gardens Adventure2

Gardens Adventure4

Gardens Adventure5

Gardens Adventure6

Gardens Adventure7

Gardens Adventure8

Gardens Adventure10

Children's Garden Water Play and Adventure Playground

Tulip Display at the Flower Dome

As fun and exciting as the outdoor part of the Gardens is, there comes a point in the day when you just want to get into the chilled conservatories for a blast of cool air. And now up until May 4, there is a Tulip Display at the Flower Dome to check out.

Since I discovered the “panorama” function on hubby’s camera, I’ve been looking for opportunities to use it, so here’s one from the amateur photographer…

Gardens Tulips

Cloud Forest

Definitely the boys’ favourite place in the entire Gardens so no visit is ever complete without a stopover at this dome. And now I have a panorama of the waterfall, too!

Gardens Cloud

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