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Apps: Nursery Games – Fun for Toddlers (Plus Giveaway!)


Lisbon Labs have sponsored 3 Nursery Games promocodes to giveaway – winners will be able to download the app for free! To enter the giveaway, read on…


This giveaway has ended.

Nursery Games by Lisbon Labs

Nursery Games is an app designed for the little kids to encourage the development of early basic skills, such as matching, hand-eye coordination, memory, and logic. It comes with 15 entertaining games that are simple and intuitive. With bright colours, cute graphics, and fun sounds, Nursery Games keeps your toddler busy with loads of educational play.


Nursery Games is a great apps for children because it contains:

  • no in-app purchases
  • no third-party advertising
  • no required reading skills

The Games

The variety of games on this app helps to keep it fresh and fun. What’s in it? These are the games available on this app:

1. Spot – find the same image as the one in the box in the top right corner of the screen.


2. Feed – feed the animals the food that they consume.


3. Pairs – find the matching pairs.


4. Cook – prepare the meal shown in the top right corner of the screen.


5. Water – move the plant to catch the falling water drops.


6. Sounds – listen to the sound and identify the animal that makes it.


7. Reveal – tap onto the squares to reveal the image in the bottom right corner of the screen.


8. Discover – reorganise the pieces to make the picture shown in the bottom right corner of the screen.


9. Colour – match the objects to the box with the correct colour.


10. Shapes – match the shapes.


11. Patterns – match the children to their homes following the patterns on their shirt and houses.


12. Shadows – match the picture to the shadow in the top right corner of the screen.


13. Connect – connect the dots to see what the picture reveals.


14. Puzzle – jigsaw puzzle.


15. Bubbles – pop all the bubbles on the screen!


Preview the App

To see the app in play, just watch the video below:


Nursery Games is available on the iTunes store for $1.99.

Enter the Giveaway

To download Nursery Games for free, leave us a comment below. 3 names will be selected with a random name picker and announced. Entry closes Monday 24th March 2014. Winners will be announced on Tuesday 25th March 2014 and they will be notified via email.

Good Luck!


This giveaway has ended. Our three lucky winners are:

  1. Nagarajan
  2. Prabha
  3. Yin

Thanks for participating!

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